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Skidmore College
Skidmore in New Zealand

Orientation and Activities

Pre-semester orientation is designed for students to get acquainted with other participants, explore the culture and landscape of New Zealand, and introduce students to academic life at the University. The Frontiers Abroad staff will organize activities to help students get to know weach other and learn about living in Christchurch. 

Following the field experiences, students participate in the the University international orientation. The program introduces students to the University and helps transition to life on campus. Students are introduced to campus sports, recreational clubs and ways to explore New Zealand. 

Semester Activities & Excursion roadtrip

Along with our rigorous academic tracks, on-site staff offer bi-weekly yoga, mindfulness and reflection sessions. Combining these opportunities with several weekend hiking, skiing and outdoor trips, our goal is to give you time to focus on your well-being as well as your academics. Students also have access the vast offerings of student groups at University of Canterbury. Many students get involved in groups that offer skiing or hiking excursions. 

In addition to weekend excursions, there will be one weeklong trip planned for over break. These trips are optional.  The program provides transportation and housing while students will provide their own food. 

Examples of semester excursions for Christchurch students:

  • Weekend: Castle Hills Hiking Trip
  • Weekend:Banks Peninsula Hiking
  • Spring Break: 5-day Northland Forest and Beach Camping Trip