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Skidmore College

Accepted Students Information

Suggested Packing List

□ Twin sheets (extra long), a pillowcase, blankets or comforter, extra pillows

□ Large bath towels, washcloths, all personal toiletries including soap, shampoo, conditioner, small mirror, shower shoes and a small tote for carrying your bathroom products

□ Medical insurance ID card

□ Personal spending money – we strongly encourage you NOT to keep large amounts of cash in your room. There are banks and ATMs on/near campus. We encourage students to put money on their Skidmore ID card

□ Academic supplies – all supplies and textbooks are the responsibility of the student. Students should consider bringing the following: pens and pencils, paper and/or notebooks, backpack, calculator (if applicable to your program of study). Basic academic supplies can also be purchased at the Skidmore College bookstore

□ Small desk lamp (no halogen bulbs)

□ Alarm clock

□ Fan—the dorm is not air-conditioned. Air conditioners are not permitted

□ Flashlight

□ Comfortable walking shoes

□ Rain gear and umbrella

□ Sweatshirt and light jacket

□ Bathing suit/towel

□ Clothes hangers

□ Laundry detergent—the in-dorm washing machines take the Skidmore College ID card

□ Laundry bag/basket

What NOT to bring

□ Air conditioners

□ pets/animals

□ Candles or incense – open flames are not permitted in the residence hall

□ Extension cords

□ Motor vehicles

□ Cleaners containing ammonia or chlorine

□ Cooking appliances, such as: boiler/toaster oven, coffee makers/tea kettles, grilling machines, hotplates, hot pots, popcorn poppers, rice cookers, sandwich makes, or toasters

□ Dart boards

□ Drones

□ Explosives of any kind

□ Firearms (including BB and pellet guns)

□ Wheeled or motorized toys or recreational equipment, including: bikes, skateboards, hoverboards, two-wheeled Segways, and similar items

□ Lava lamps, halogen lamps, or oil burning lamps

□ Weapons of any kind

□ Microwaves

□ Vapes, cigarettes, E-Cigs, or Juuls – These are not permitted in the residence halls or on campus. Skidmore is a smoke-free campus


Download the Packing List