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Skidmore College
Disability and Accessibility Services

Prospective Students

Applicants who identify themselves as having a disability during the admissions process are considered for admission on the same competitive basis as other applicants. The coordinator of student access services, in the Office for Student Academic Services, is available to talk with prospective students with disabilities. Students and their parents should bear in mind that Skidmore has no formal disabilities program. The coordinator of student access services acts as a resource for students who believe that they require modifications and/or accommodations on campus and in the classroom. If a student anticipates requesting academic accommodations at Skidmore, they should be prepared to provide documentation confirming the presence of a specific disability and demonstrating its impact on academic and/or other areas of college functioning. It is important to note that accommodations given in high school, either by a 504 plan on IEP, do not automatically carry over into college.

After enrolling, all students receive a copy of Applying for Accommodations/Services at Skidmore College. Students with a documented disability are invited to complete the application and return it with necessary documentation to the coordinator of student access services. Documentation is reviewed to determine if the student meets ADA and Skidmore College eligibility criteria for identification as "a student with an educational disability." If the student's documentation is conclusive, the coordinator will work with the student to determine which requested accommodations are reasonable for the college setting. First-year students with disabilities attend individual or small group meetings with the coordinator of student access services, typically during the first few weeks of classes, where accommodation letter and other services and supports are discussed in detail.  Students will then give the accommodation letters to their faculty.  As at all colleges, the success of disabilities support at Skidmore depends significantly on the student's willingness and ability to seek the help they need and to follow through with academic and other recommendations.

In addition to the more specialized assistance available in the Office of Student Academic Services, Skidmore provides an excellent range of support services for the general student population. These services include a writing center, a math and computer science laboratory, a foreign language laboratory and a counseling center.

Applicants should bear in mind that all Skidmore students must fulfill core and major requirements of the Skidmore curriculum, which represents Skidmore's definition of a sound liberal arts education. Under a few exceptional circumstances, the college may consider substituting a course or courses for a particular curriculum requirement. In such instances, students talk first with the coordinator to determine whether the substitution request is supported by documentation. Recommendations are then sent to the Committee of Academic Standing. There is nothing automatic in the course-substitution process, and the college holds final authority in determining degree requirements.

Students or parents who have further questions about support for students with disabilities at Skidmore should contact the Office of Student Academic Services, at either 518-580-8150 or Meg Hegener, coordinator of student access services, 518-580-8161, email

~ Office of Student Academic Services, revised March 2017 ~