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Skidmore College
Disability and Accessibility Services

Faculty Notification

In most cases Skidmore faculty are responsible for implementation or assistance in the execution of accommodations that have been approved by the coordinator of student access services. Students are responsible to inform faculty of their approved accommodations and, in order to facilitate faculty notification, should follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Each student who has previously been approved for accommodations will receive one accommodation letter for each of their classes. The SAS office will prepare these letters, and they will generally be available at least one day prior to the start of classes.
  2. Students must pick up their accommodation letters from the SAS office and deliver one to each of their faculty members. Students are encouraged to provide accommodation letters to their faculty during the first week of classes.
  3. It is important for students to practice self-advocacy by delivering letters to faculty in a manner that allows time for discussion regarding the implementation of the accommodations for which they are eligible. This goal is often accomplished by approaching professors a few minutes before class, informing them of the accommodation letter, and asking when it would be best to have a brief discussion. 
  4. Due to the fact that, following faculty notification, students are free to chose when to apply one or more of the accommodations for which they are eligible, many faculty members have established guidelines for informing them of the intent to implement an accommodation at a certain time. For example, an instructor may require notice of intent to use extended test time no less than three days prior to an exam. It is imperative that students follow any and all guidelines instructors may have established regarding the implementation of accommodations and to work cooperatively with faculty to make appropriate and reasonable arrangements for implementation. Students should also inform the coordinator of student access services of potential conflicts or problems. 

Note: To help establish a strong foundational relationship with the coordinator, all freshman students are strongly encouraged to meet with the coordinator of student access services for consultation regarding their accommodations and working with faculty during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters.