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Skidmore College
Disability and Accessibility Services

Accessing Services

Welcome Incoming New Students!

Skidmore College cultivates an inclusive and supportive learning community and values the diverse learning styles of our students. In pursuit of this effort, we are committed to providing students with disabilities full and meaningful access to all college programs and activities and strive to provide individualized accommodations necessary for students to realize an equal opportunity to succeed. 

As the Coordinator of Student Access Services, I encourage you to send me your supporting documentation and application for accommodation as soon as possible.  The purpose of early application is to foster an interactive process of accommodation, to familiarize you with the Skidmore community, and to enable you to be fully informed about our disability services policies and procedures prior to your first semester on campus.  I look forward to meeting you soon.  – Meg Hegener


How to Apply for Accommodations

Students who wish to apply for accommodations at Skidmore are encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible following acceptance to the college. The coordinator will evaluate application materials as they are received, and early eligibility review will enable both students and the college to plan appropriately. This is especially important for students planning to request accommodations that require coordination, including interpreting services, textbooks in alternative format, and specialized assistive technology. To apply for accommodations, students should complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a Request for Accommodation to the coordinator of student access services. Application can be found here: Request for Accommodations
  2. Request specific accommodations. There is space for requests on the application, so this step does not require an additional form. Students who have been recently diagnosed or may otherwise be unsure about what accommodation/s to request are welcome to consult with the coordinator of student access services prior to submitting an application;
  3. Submit supporting documentation. Specific documentation guidelines can be found here. In general, documentation should verify a disability and validate the need for accommodations.