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Skidmore College
Disability and Accessibility Services

Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking the student's medically documented need and prevailing standards for reasonable accommodations into consideration. The purpose of granting accommodations (housing or academic) is to ensure that a student has equal access to our college community and that barriers that prevent that access are removed. Establishing a relationship between a disability and the request for accommodation is what we base the barrier/access question and solution on—it is the basis for determining a reasonable accommodation.

Applications and supporting documentation are reviewed by a Special Accommodations Committee composed of members from Residential Life, Counseling Center, Health Services and Student Academic Services. The purpose of this group is to ensure that an informed recommendation regarding a student's housing request is made. This process also allows for consultation with other appropriate campus offices. In cases where the committee is unable to make a decision based on provided documentation, additional information will be requested from students.

A student wishing to apply for a housing accommodation should submit their application (written or email) to the coordinator for student access services. Approved requests that require change in room assignment may not be immediate and will be implemented upon availability. Housing accommodation requests will be reviewed the first Tuesday of each month.  Completed applications must be submitted the Wednesday prior and must include the completed verification of condition form by treatment provider.

Housing Accommodation Request Form

Emotional Support Animal Request Form

Housing Accommodation Appeal Process

Appeals of housing accommodation requests will be considered only in the event new information beyond what was made available to the Housing Committee is provided and/or there is concern that the process by which the committee arrived at its original decision was problematic or did not follow stated procedures. Letters of appeal shall be submitted to the director of student academic services (written or email) within ten (10) days from the date of receipt of the original decision by the Housing Accommodation Committee. The director will obtain all documentation submitted to the Housing Accommodation Committee, so only new information and a letter of appeal should be submitted. The director or designee will serve as chair and convene a Housing Accommodation Appeal Committee, which will also consist of at least two professional Student Affairs members. No one involved in the initial decision by the Housing Accommodation Committee shall be involved in the appeal, which shall be made by the Appeal Committee ten (10) business days from the date the letter of appeal was received. The decision of the Appeal Committee shall be final.