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Skidmore College
Dance Department

Go to: Skidmore Scheduling Office web page to make a reservation and for detailed instructions. The General Overview is short and helpful. Dance Center EMS Instructions.

Please also be certain to review and follow the Studio Terms of Agreement.

The Technical Director approves space requests for DSI, DSII, conference room and the Dance Theater. The Multipurpose room and the IM Gym are managed by the Athletic Department.

PLAN AHEAD: All requests must be entered at least 24 hours in advance and by Thursday at noon for a studio needed on Saturday or Sunday.

EMS Pointers for students enrolled in dance classes:

  • Contact the Scheduling Office with questions/problems with the EMS system.
  • “Space Request” is the template used for all campus requests including for technique classes, student club needs, etc. Your request for a room will need to be approved for you.
  • The "Dance Center Student" template is only for students in Choreo II, Senior Coda II, and approved Independent Studies. Studio reservations are automatically booked without needing approval.
  • If you are unable to see the “Dance Center Student” choice, notify the Technical Director promptly so the Scheduling Office can be notified to get you into the system.
  • May not be activated depending on COVID status: Touch the screen located outside of the studios and theater to see when the space is reserved and for who/what. If the space is open (green), one can touch the green RESERVE button to book the space for current time only.