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Journal writing

Expository Writing courses offered by the English Department

Current course listings can be found here.

EN 103 Writing Seminar I (Credits: 4)

Introduction to expository writing with weekly writing assignments emphasizing skills in developing ideas, organizing material, and creating thesis statements. Assignments provide practice in description, definition, comparison and contrast, and argumentation. Additional focus on grammar, syntax, and usage.

Note: Students and instructor meet in seminar three hours a week; students are also required to meet regularly with a Writing Center tutor.

EN 105 Writing Seminar II (Credits: 4)

This seminar immerses students in the process of producing finished analytical essays informed by critical reading and careful reasoning. Special attention is given to developing ideas, writing from sources, organizing material, and revising drafts. Additional emphasis is on grammar, style, and formal conventions of writing. Students respond to one another’s work in workshops or peer critique sessions. Weekly informal writing complements assignments of longer finished papers.

Note: This course fulfills the all-college requirement in expository writing.

EN 105H Writing Seminar II (Credits: 4)

The honors sections of EN 105 offer highly motivated students with strong verbal skills the opportunity to refine their ability to analyze sophisticated ideas, to hone their rhetorical strategies, and to develop cogent arguments. Toward these goals, students write and revise essays drawing upon a variety of challenging readings and critique each other’s work with an eye to depth and complexity of thought, logic of supporting evidence, and subtleties of style. The English Department places some students in EN 105H and encourages other students to consult with their advisors, the director of the Honors Forum, or the director of the Expository Writing Program to determine if this level of Writing Seminar is appropriate. Each section of EN 105H focuses on a topic that is listed in the master schedule and described in the English Department’s prospectus and on its Web page.

Note: This course fulfills the all-college requirement in expository writing.

EN 110 Introduction to Literary Studies (Credits: 4)

Introduction to the practice of literary study, with a particular emphasis on close reading. This course is writing intensive and will include some attention to critical perspective and basic research skills appropriate for literary analysis. Prospective English majors are strongly encouraged to take EN 110 prior to enrolling in 200-level courses.

Note: This course fulfills the all-college requirement in expository writing.