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Skidmore College
English Department

Student Representatives

The English department appoints student representatives each year, whose job it is to represent the interests of English majors and minors. They attend monthly department meetings, where they have voting rights (with the exception of issues regarding personnel).

Feel free to get in touch with one or all of them if you have questions, concerns, or ideas about how the English department can better fulfill its mission.

The representatives for the 2020-2021 school year are:

Hannah CharityHannah Charity

My name is Hannah Charity, and I grew up in Southern California. I’m currently a junior studying English and Classics. On campus, I’m part of Skidmore News as the Pulp editor, and I’m part of Newman and Christian Fellowship. I plan to attend law school after I graduate. My interests are reading romance and fiction novels, writing poetry and articles, and posting book reviews on my bookstagram. I'm looking forward to helping the English department in any way that I can!

Maalik DunkleyMaalik Dunkley

Maalik Dunkley, pronounced MAH-LEEK, is a senior from Brooklyn, New York City. He has dabbled in athletics, arts, and anthropology but has found his heart in the English field. Dissecting and analyzing literature is one of his favorite things, and, then, trading ideas with his peers always brings him back. English courses have always provided an opportunity for him to perpetually learn and study which will help him in his future plans to become a lawyer. 

Salvatore JulianoSalvatore Juliano

Salvatore Juliano is an English major on the creative writing track and a business minor.  He is currently enrolled in Professor Cermatori’s “Literature and Philosophy,” but also plans to complete a creative writing capstone in fiction next semester. He hopes to move back home to New York City after graduation to work for one of the big five publishing houses.  

Nicole WongNicole Wong

My name is Nicole; I am a senior and an English and French double major. I live in New York City, but I grew up in the outskirts of Toronto and my parents emigrated from Hong Kong. I have loved to write fiction and creative nonfiction ever since I was a child, but I have recently discovered my passion for literary translation from French to English. I hope to pursue graduate studies focusing on literary translation and comparative literature in French and English before starting a career as a writer and translator.