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Skidmore College
English Department


Students wishing to declare a minor in English should consult with the chair for specific program planning. The minor includes six courses in one of two areas of concentration:

Literature: Six courses, including EN 110, one course from "Forms of Language and Literature," one course from "Language and Literature in Context," and three courses from "Advanced Courses in Language and Literature."

Creative Writing: Six courses, including EN 110; EN 211, EN 213, or EN 219; EN 280, EN 281, or EN 282; an additional 200- or 300-level course (excluding "Courses in Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Writing"); and two semesters of either EN 378, EN 379, or EN 380. (EN 371 may substitute for one semester of EN 378, EN 379, or EN 380.)

Students wishing to complete a minor in English should file a Declaration of Minor with the Registrar before the last semester of the senior year at Skidmore and maintain at least a 2.0 grade average in their concentration for the minor.

Note: 200-level courses in English are open to first-year students unless prerequisites or restrictions are stated in the description.


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