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English Department

The open book is an invitation to language

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Chair of the Department of English: Susannah Mintz

Associate Chair: Andrew Bozio

Professors: April Bernard; Barbara Black; Robert Boyers;
Janet Casey; Catherine Golden The Tisch Chair in Arts and Letters ; Sarah Webster Goodwin; Susannah Mintz; Steve Stern; Mason Stokes

Associate Professors: Philip Boshoff, Kate Greenspan, Linda Hall, Michael S. Marx

Assistant Professors: Cecilia Aldarondo, Andrew Bozio,
Joseph Cermatori,Sonya Chung, Bina Gogineni, Margaret Greaves, Nicholas Junkerman, Wendy Lee, Jamie Parra, Tim Wientzen, Melora Wolff

Teaching Professor: Francois Bonneville

Visiting Assistant Professors: Paul Benzon, Olivia Dunn, Maude Emerson, Ruth McAdams

Distinguished Artist-in-Residence: Greg Hrbek

Lecturers: *Margarita Boyers, *L. Caitlin Jorgensen, *Marla Melito, Thaddeus Niles, Jay Rogoff, Martha Wiseman, *Marc Woodworth

* = part time