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Skidmore College
English Department

Professional Internship in English

Work-study projects (EN 399) usually involve internships with, for example, publishing houses, newspapers, or television stations. No more than 3 semester hours in field experience may count toward the 300-level requirements in the major, and majors must adhere to the following stipulations: 1) the student and his or her academic supervisor will put together a list of books and/or articles for the student to read during the course of his or her internship; 2) where appropriate, the student will submit to his or her academic supervisor the products of the internship at the end of the semester; 3) the student will write a long essay or research paper at the end of the term; a journal is not a substitute for either; 4) the student's external supervisor will evaluate the student's performance and send a written evaluation to the academic supervisor. An application form for an internship may be obtained through the Office of the Dean of Studies. While students may not use a professional internship alone to qualify for honors, it may be a part of a larger honors plan.