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Skidmore College
Faculty Development Committee

The Ralph A. Ciancio Award for Excellence in Teaching Nomination Form

To facilitate the nomination process, members of the Faculty Development Committee offer the opportunity to submit an electronic nomination. The completion of this form serves as a nomination letter for this year’s candidates for the Ralph A. Ciancio Award for Excellence in Teaching. 
Please respond briefly to the questions in the nomination form, providing information about the nominee's qualifications, to the best of your knowledge.

Examples of observation and information that you should use for this nomination may include occasions on which you joined the nominee's class or lab, occasions on which you heard the nominee speak about teaching and/or undergraduate education, the reading of the nominee's course evaluations and related supporting material or mentoring about teaching excellence and accomplishment that you may have received from the nominee.

To provide further elaboration on the basis for your nomination, where appropriate or relevant, please include comments on the nominee's exemplary performance in such areas as these: teaching at different levels of the curriculum; developing lectures; facilitating discussion in flexible ways, appropriate to students' background; stimulating and challenging students to learn and to interact with the substance of course material; interacting with students in the classroom, lab, studio, office, and beyond; mentoring students in their professional development; mentoring other faculty; helping to shape the curriculum.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs at ext. 5705.


(eg. demonstrates the nominee's excellence in teaching according to the guidelines set forth in the Skidmore Faculty Handbook, "Evaluative Criteria for Continued Service".)
Are there any other comments you would like to offer, which are not captured by the preceeding questions?
By typing your name in the space provided, the Faculty Development Committee will accept this as a fully-signed document.