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Skidmore College
Faculty Development Committee

Edwin M. Moseley Faculty Lectureship Nomination Form

Established in 1957, this annual award recognizes a Skidmore faculty member for her/his outstanding scholarly achievement, artistic accomplishment, academic research, and/or creative work. The individual selected gives the Moseley Lecture, one of the college’s major public events of the year. While deemed a "lecture," the presentation has no prescribed format: it might center, for example, around a reading, performance or exhibition. The event is usually held during the month of February. The award acknowledges an exemplary level of scholarship and achievement that sets a standard for academic excellence at Skidmore. It is the highest honor that the Skidmore faculty can bestow on one of its own.
The completion of this form serves as a nomination letter for this year's candidates for the Moseley Award. To the best of your knowledge, please respond briefly to each of the following questions.
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of the Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs at ext. 5705.

Your Information
Nominee's Information
(e.g., the record of accomplishment summarized by the nominee's cv, your reading of the nominee's scholarship, attendance at forms of presentation other than a formal lecture such as a reading, performance, or exhibition, reviewers' comments about the nominee's work, etc.)
In what way(s) does the nominee's scholarly accomplishments significantly enhance the academic reputation of the College?
What comments could you add about the nominee's work that might be particularly informative to members of the Faculty Development Committee who are outside the nominee's area(s) of expertise?
Are there any other comments you would like to offer that are not captured by the preceding questions?
By typing your name in the space provided, the Faculty Development Committee will accept this as a fully-signed document.