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First-Year Experience

Outdoor pre-orientation programs are a great way to start your Skidmore experience.
Other components of the FYE

Mentoring is one of the most critical—which is why Skidmore assigns the faculty member teaching your Scribner Seminar to be your mentor. That shared intellectual interest—whether it’s digital communication, unexpected math, the power of myths, or any of 47 others—provides a common ground and a platform for further engagement. To begin the mentoring process, Skidmore will contact you over the summer.

Then there’s the summer reading, which not only provides common material for first-year students but a thematic superstructure for all of campus. Each book examines a pressing global/local issue or value in which the entire Skidmore community can engage through carefully selected performances, speakers, exhibits, and more.

First-Year Orientation in early September will introduce you to your Skidmore intellectual journey and help familiarize you with the campus surroundings. The president will address your class, and you’ll meet your Seminar professor and peer mentor, discuss the summer reading, and hold your first class meeting. You’ll also meet fellow students, faculty, and staff; learn the basics of rooms, keys, ID cards, and the dining plan; gain  an understanding of what the College is about and what it’s not about; and master the meaning of the Honor Code.

Cocurricular FYE elements include lectures, performances, films, exhibits—on campus, in Saratoga Springs, and further afield in New York City, for example. They’ll often tie in with work you’ll be doing in your Seminar.

The Residential Life component means living in proximity with other members of your Seminar and often with upperclass peer tutors. This will create an intellectual, social, cultural, and recreational environment that will enhance your Skidmore relationships and provide the richness and support critical to a successful first-year experience—the foundation of your four years at Skidmore…and your life beyond.