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Skidmore College
Health Services

Incoming Students


Getting Started

All of the following is due August 1, 2023

STEP 1 Print Incoming Student paperwork* by clicking the button below.  Please review promptly to ensure adequate time for scheduling medical appointments if needed.

Incoming student paperwork & instructions (including Checklist)

*Additional requirements for FIRST-YEAR NCAA VARSITY ATHLETES

STEP 2 Register for the online Skidmore Health Service Portal. You will need your activated Skidmore email address and password.

CLICK FOR Health Portal Login 

STEP 3 Once logged in to the Health Services Portal, go to "My Forms" at the top menu and complete the following electronic electronic forms as soon as possible:

STEP 4 Ensure completion of Incoming Student paperwork (paper forms) printed in Step 1, which includes:

  • Physical Exam Form – completed by medical provider 
  • Immunization Form – formal documentation from medical provider. For more detailed information see our webpage Immunization Requirements and Exemption. 
  • Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire/Testing - questionnaire completed by student, testing (if indicated) completed by medical provider 

STEP 5 Upload completed paper forms once logged into the Health Services Portal  by clicking on menu option “Upload Documents.”

STEP 6 (if applicable) Upload religious or medical exemption once logged into the Health Services Portal. For requirements, see section on Exemption here. 

** Once submitted all paper documents will need to be reviewed by Health Services staff.  Please allow up to 14 days for completion of this review. ** 



Students can look up their requirement compliance status at any time on the Health Services Portal.  Look for the box indicating “INCOMING STUDENT requirements.”  If all requirements have been met there will be only green checks in this box. This box may take up to 14 days from submission to be up to date.

Yes. You will be notified via message through your online health portal only if you need to provide additional information.  Please do not disregard these messages and please respond promptly. Delays in responding to outreach from the Health Services may result in processing delays.

Once we have verified your proof of having received the 1st dose, you will be able to register for classes. Since it is medically necessary that you wait for at least 28 days before the 2nd dose, you are granted temporary compliance for 28 days from the date on which the first dose was administered. You will become fully compliant only by submitting proof of the second dose. If you are eligible for the next dose but have not received it, you will not be permitted to register for the next semester’s classes.

Health Services offers MMR, Tdap, and Meningitis vaccines. Students pay for the vaccine at the time of the visit (with cash, by billing to their tuition account, or using their SkidCard) and then may submit a claim to their insurance for reimbursement. If a student has the student health insurance plan, Health Services can submit the cost directly to the insurance plan for the student and the student does not need to pay. The cost of the MMR vaccine is $70, Tdap is $40, and meningitis is $110. More information about immunization services is available online.

  • Obtain your own forms and records and upload them to the Health Services Portal.
  • If you’ve requested records to be faxed from your medical provider to Health Services, follow-up in a timely manner with Health Services by phone or e-mail to ensure we’ve received them.
  • Use the Skidmore College forms provided in the Incoming Student Paperwork Packet (rather than alternative documentation) to ensure that all documentation is complete.
  • Ensure all documents you are uploading contain your name and date of birth as part of the original document, including any documents that are self-printed from another portal. Handwritten names added to documents are not acceptable.
  • Check your uploads before confirming/submitting for review to ensure they are complete and readable.   
  • Check your Health Services Portal messages. Any delays in responding to messages may result in processing delays.
  • Submit early!