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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Scribner Seminar Program
Fall 2024

Below is a listing of the Scribner Seminars offered in Fall 2024. Descriptions of the seminars are linked to the titles, and the number to the left is the section number of the course; during registration, these numbers distinguish each seminar within the SSP 100 class listing.

Please keep in mind that the below information is subject to change and that some Scribner Seminars may have a class time or 4th credit hour session in the late afternoon or early evening.

(001) Buzz: Art and Design of Caffeine
Instructor: Mimi Hellman
W/F 10:10a-12:00p

(024) Dynamics of Chaos
Instructor: Rachel Roe-Dale
M/W 2:30p-4:20p

(025) Making Mathematics
Instructor: Csilla Szabo
W/F 8:40a-10:00a
M 9:05a-10:00a

(003) My Online Friends: Digital Cultures and Navigating the Metaverse
Instructor: Bernardo Rios
M/W 12:20p-1:40p 
F 12:20p-1:15p

(026) Our Planet, Our Business
Instructor: Chaoping Li
T/TR 2:10a-3:30p
M 1:25p-2:20p

(004) Durable Objects
Instructor: John Galt
T/TR 3:40p-5:30p

(028) The Business of Food- Section 1
Instructor: Caroline D'Abate
W 10:10a-11:30a
F 11:00a-1:20p

(005) Connecting Threads: Exploring the History of Textile Art
Instructor: Sang-Wook Lee
T/TR 9:40a-11:00a
T 6:30p-7:25p

(029) The Business of Food- Section 2
Instructor: Caroline D'Abate
W 12:20p-1:40p
F 11:00a-1:20p

(006) LatinX Expression: Color in Culture
Instructor: Fabian Lopez
T/TR 9:10a-11:00a

(030) Music on the Move
Instructor: Charlotte D'Evelyn
T/TR 12:40p-2:00p
M 12:20p-1:15p

(007) In the Light of Death
Instructor: Benjamin Bogin
W/F 8:40a-10:00a
M 9:05a-10:00a

(031) Making Things Right
Instructor: Larry Jorgensen
T/TR 2:10p-3:30p
T 6:30p-7:25p

(034) My Therapist is a Robot: Technology and Psychotherapy
Instructor: Lucas LaFreniere
T/TR 11:10a-12:30p  
T 6:30p-7:25p


(035) Beliefs About Social Identity
Instructor: Leigh Wilton
T/TR 11:10a-12:30p  
W 5:00p-5:55p

(012) Competition
Instructor: Patrick Reilly
M/W 8:10a-10:00a

(036) Psychology and Law
Instructor: Daniel Peterson
T/TR 9:40a-11:00a
M 3:00p-3:55p

(037) Reading Minds: The History and Science of Literacy
Instuctor: Rebecca Johnson
W/F 10:10a-11:30a
M 10:10a-11:05a

(014) Timely
Instructor: Barbara Black
T/TR 11:10a-12:30p  
W 7:00p-7:55p

(038) Imagination, Innovation, and the Impossible
Instuctor: Kendrah Murphy
W/F 12:20p-1:40p
M 12:20p-1:15p

(015) Sexualities/Textualities
Instructor: Mason Stokes
T/TR 11:10a-12:30p  
W 6:30p-7:25p

(039) Nonhuman Worlds
Instructor: Alexandra Prince
W/F 12:20p-2:10p

(016) Extraordinary Bodies
Instructor: Susannah Mintz
M/W 2:30p-3:50p 
W 6:00p-6:55p

(017) Myth and Modernity
Instructor: Joseph Cermatori
T/TR 11:10a-12:30p  
W 6:30p-7:25p

(041) Eating and Being: Food, Culture, and Identity
Instructor: Xiaoshuo Hou
T/TR 12:40p-2:00p
M 12:20p-1:15p

(018) Nature With and Without Us
Instructor: Bakary Diaby
T/TR 3:40p-5:30p 

(043) Being Your Self
Instructor: Catherine Talley
T/TR 12:40p-2:00p
M 12:20p-1:15p

(044) Challenges of Migration
Instructor: Abel Arango
T/TR 8:10a-9:30a
M 8:00a-8:55a

(021) Sport, Self and Society
Instructor: Jeffrey Segrave
T/TR 11:10a-12:30p 
M 11:15a-12:10p

(022) Sailing the Seas with Captain Cook
Instructor: Tillman Nechtman
W/F 8:40a-10:00a
M 9:05a-10:00a

(047) Famine, Plague, and Warfare in 14th Century London
Instructor: Erica Bastress-Dukehart
W/F 8:40a-10:00a
M 9:05a-10:00a


London- First Year Experience

The World Through Maps (London Edition)
Instructor: Jordana Dym

No Place to Hide: Surveillance in Bentham's and Orwell's London
Instructor: Scott Mulligan