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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Scribner Seminar Information
ID 151 Spring 2008

Below is a listing of the ID 151 offerings this spring. Descriptions of the seminars are linked to the titles, and the number to the left is the section number of the course; during registration, these numbers distinguish each seminar within the ID 151 listing.

(001) Super Heroes to Anxiety Attacks
Time: M 4:00-5:00
Instructor: John Anzaone

(002) Italian Cinema
Time: TU 3:40-6:30 (every other week)
Instructor: Giuseppe Faustini

(003) Jesus Through the Centuries
Time: W 11:00-12:00
Instructor: Steven Butler-Murray

(004) Why am I here?
Time: M 1:30-2:30
Instructor: David Karp

(005) Close to Home
Time: M 11:00-12:00
Instructor: Rik Scarce

(006) Down Home Blues
Time: M 4:00-5:00
Instructor: Randall Bauer

(007) Engaging Campus Diversity
Time: TU 11:10-12:30
Instructor: Susan Layden

(008) Looking Forward, Looking Back
Time: TU 5:00-6:00
Instructor: Lenora de la Luna &
Mariel Martin

(009) Dilemmas in Music
Time: M 11:15-12:15
Instructor: Lewis Rosengarten

(010) Shakespeare's Sonnets
Time: TU 2:30-3:30
Instructor: Lary Opitz

(011) Adolescent Development
Time: TH 9:40-10:40
Instructor: Donna Brent

(012) Evolving Standards of Decency?
Time: TH 11:00-12:00
Instructor: Beau Breslin

(013) Adolescence
Time: W 7:00-8:00
Instructor: Hugh Foley & Ann Marie Przywara

(014) Mysticism on the Web
Time: W 4:30-5:30
Instructor: Marla Segol