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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

ID 151 Spring 2009

(001) Race Dialogues
Lei Bryant, Music
Kristie Ford, Sociology
Sue Layden, Student Academic Services
Sarah Goodwin, English

Intergroup and Intra-group Dialogues (IGD) are 1-credit graded courses carefully structured to learn about racial identity, conflict, community, and social justice. In a small classroom setting, with representation of the relevant racial identity groups, trained peer-facilitators encourage dialogue about controversial social issues, such as affirmative action, interracial dating, and racial politics. Students examine and discuss reading materials that address issues and experiences relevant to the groups in the dialogue, in relation to both the college setting and U.S. society. Peer-facilitators and student participants explore similarities and differences among and across groups and strive toward building a multicultural and democratic community. Work includes regular informal writing, a collaborative project, and a final paper.