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Skidmore College
Honors Forum

Skidmore College Funding Policy as it applies to the Honors Forum

Requests for programming funds are reviewed and decided upon by the Honors Forum Council. Funding priority is given to faculty who are teaching, or students who are in, honors courses for special projects/field trips/presentations that serve to enrich the course (complete the "Honors Forum Course Funds Request" form), and to Honors Forum students and standing committees for activities that promote intellectual and social connections among HF members and with the community at-large (complete the "Honors Forum Activities and Co-Sponsorship Request" form).

The Council also welcomes program co-sponsorship with other College-chartered clubs and organizations and academic departments. Co-sponsorship support is determined on the basis of program merit, demonstrated need and availability of Honors Forum resources at the time of the request. Potential co-sponsors must provide a rationale for seeking Honors Forum funds and explain the potential benefit(s) derived from Honors Forum support. In addition, a detailed program budget must be submitted, which outlines specifically how Honors Forum funds will support the program (complete the "Honors Forum Activities and Co-Sponsorship Request" form).

Review Process:

Requests for Honors Forum Programming Funds in the range of $50-$200 should be made at least three (3) weeks in advance of the program date. Please note that the request review process is ongoing, but co-sponsorship proposals that are submitted at the beginning of the academic year or in the early weeks of the Fall or Spring semester will have a much better chance of receiving Honors Forum support. Funding requests of greater than $200 must be submitted by September 15 for the fall semester and by February 1 for the spring semester. All proposals should be submitted to David Vella, Director, Honors Forum (Harder 217, x5291). Final reimbursement will occur only with the submission of receipts.

Funding Policy

The Honors Forum can help support and subsidize the following types of events:

  • Receptions to accompany official Skidmore College Honors Forum Council-sanctioned lectures, performances and student showcases

  • Honoraria for visiting scholars and performers who make presentations at events sponsored by the Honors Forum

  • Travel to other locations (including other academic institutions) for official Honors Forum Council-sanctioned events (course field trips, lectures, tours, performances, etc.)

The College maintains an official travel policy which governs the extent to which the Honors Forum Council can provide financial support for sponsored events.