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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences
Elise Britt in New South Wales, Australia

Exercise Science Student Elise Britt Abroad
in New South Wales, Australia


University of New South Wales - Kensington Campus


Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA) - Butler


  • Introduction to Aboriginal Culture
  • Business and Ethics
  • Sport Law and Society in Australia
  • The Marine Environment

An important side note for abroad Exercise Science Majors at this school is that they do not allow American students into the Exercise Science classes no matter how qualified you are.  It worked out well for me in a way because I got to explore other areas, but that is something students should know before they get there.  Also, Aboriginal Culture was an interesting class because I learned a lot about the culture and history.

Classroom Environment

Professors are very hands off, so if you want to maximize your learning potential you need to actively seek their help and study a lot on your own.  The culture, to me, seemed stereotypically Australian. - very relaxed people enjoying themselves, which seems to yield a much higher quality of life. I loved that!

Favorite Abroad Experience

I don't know where to start! I loved every day! If I had to narrow it down I guess I would say my Spring break trip to Northern Australia where I did a Whit Sundays sailing trip throughout the great barrier reef. It was a 3-day trip where we went to several islands throughout the GBR where we got to snorkel and scuba dive and sleep on the boat - which was great!  We stopped at White Haven Beach which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I went through a company called Oz Adventure, but you can go to Airlee Beach  and pick between several different companies. 

Secondly, my trip to New Zealand was amazing.  We drove through Aurthur's Pass, Climbed the Franz Josef Glacier, saw Queenstown New Zealand, and saw all of the their Exercise Science majors on the other side of the world - which was amazing!

Personal Advice on Going Abroad

I would not recommend using the cell phones they provide for you.  Go to a store and get a pay-as-you-go cell phone and you will save yourself a lot of money!!