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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Paul J. Arciero

Professor for Health and Human Physiological Sciences Department

PaulPhone:  518-580-5366
Fax:  518-580-8356
Location: Sports and Recreation Center Office 242


  • B.S. Central Connecticut State University, 1986
  • M.S. Purdue University, Biological Sciences / Exercise Physiology, 1987
  • M.S. University of Vermont, Nutritional Sciences, 1993
  • D.P.E. Springfield College, Exercise Physiology, 1993
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Washington University School of Medicine, Section of Applied Physiology, 1994

Classes Taught:

  • HP 111 Introduction to Exercise Physiology
  • HP 241 Exercise Testing and Prescription
  • HP 242 Principles of Nutrition
  • HP 299 Internships
  • HP 311 Advanced Exercise Physiology
  • HP 355 Research Design
  • HP 371 Independent Study
  • HP 374/5 Senior Research
  • FYS Living in the Land of Plenty

Current Research Interests:

Professor Arciero's research interests include the influence of nutritional and physical activity intervention on energy metabolism, body composition, glucose tolerance and cardiovascular disease risk in healthy and diseased populations. Professor Arciero obtains both internal and external funding for his research and regularly collaborates and publishes with students on various research topics. At present, his primary focus is evaluating the effectiveness of different macronutrient intakes and exercise training interventions on body composition, energy metabolism, markers of cardiovascular risk and cognitive function adults of all ages. Currently, Professor Arciero is collaborating with other experts in the field on a two year study examining the effects of an interactive exergame on exercise behavior, neuropscyhological function and physiological outcomes in independent, community-dwelling adults. Professor Arciero looks to follow this study up with one examining the same outcomes in younger, middle school aged populations.

Additional Information:

Professor Arciero enjoys spending much of his time with his wife Karen, the laboratory coordinator in the exercise science department at Skidmore and his three wonderful sons, Nicholas, Noah and Aidan.

Recent publications:

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