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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Student research group

Senior Thesis Research

Fall 2007

"Changes in Beverage Consumption in College Freshmen"
 Presented by: Nicolette Brody
 Advisor: Professor Jennifer Burden

"Validity of a Commercially-Available Treadmill and Elliptical for Measuring Energy Cost in a Population of Young Adults."
Presented by:  Inga Shalmiyeva and Kaitlyn Mahoney
Advisor: Professor Patricia Fehling

"Dietary Induced Insulin Resistance is Independent of mTORC1 Activity in Skeletal Muscle"
Presented by: Charles Phelps
Advisor: Professor T.H. Reynolds

"Acute Leucine Treatment Does Not Impair In Vivo Insulin Action"
Presented by:  Eli Zachary Berk
Advisor: Professor T.H. Reynolds

Spring 2007 

"A Comparison of Electrical Stimulation & Strength Training Using Eccentric Exercise on the Biceps Brachii Muscle"
Presented by: Kate Hugo, Joe Tynan & James Woods-Corwin
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Fehling

"Can a Bone Loading History Questionnaire Predict Bone Densities in Active College Females?"
Presented by: Krystal F. Coke
Advisor:Dr. Patricia Fehling

"S6 Kinase Activity in Insulin Resistant Mouse Skeletal Muscle"
Presented by: Marcus Anthony
Advisor: Dr. T.H. Reynolds

"The Role of the PKB/mTOR Signaling Pathway in Cardiac Cachexia"
Presented by: Robert Camacho
Advisor: Dr. T.H. Reynolds

"Should We Stretch Our Body or Rubber Bands for Optimal Cardiometabolic Health?"
Presented by: Nicole DiMarzio, Tyson McKechnie, Amanda Mercep, Pam Brewer, Gil Rodriguez
Advisor: Dr. Paul Arciero