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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Student research group

Senior Thesis Research

Spring 2010

The Effects of Aging on Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Insulin Action in Adipose Tissue.
Presenter: Marika Toscano 
Advisor: Professor T. H. Reynolds

The Effects of Precooling on 5km time Trial Performance in male Endurance Trained Runners
Presenters: Lindsay Avery and Abby Klaus
Advisor: Professor Molly Winke 

The Interaction of Diet and Exercise: An Examination of Caloric Intake and Exercise Quantity in Mice
Presenters: Ashton Frulla and Allegra Robinson
Advisor: Professor T. H. Reynolds 

Cardiac Dimensions in Trained and Untrained Males and Females
Presenter: Jacob DeBlois
Advisor: Professor Denise Smith

Senior Cybercycling with a Virtual Team: Behavioral and Physiological Outcomes.
Presenters: Claire Buckley, Shi Feng Lin, Naoko Okuma and Nick Steward
Advisors: Professor Paul Arciero   

The Effects of Age and Isoform-specific AKT Knockout on Insulin Action.
Presenters: Nick Cinquino and Erin Merrell
Advisors: Professor T. H. Reynolds

The Effect of High Intensity Interval Training on the  Physiological Stress Response and Body Composition
Presenters: Larry Chong, Heather Friedman and Amber Kinsey
Advisor: Professor Patricia Fehling

Can In-Season Athletic Injury be Predicted by a Preseason Functional Movement Screen™?
Presenters: Katie Dalton and Jake Mendell
Advisor: Professor Molly Winke