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Skidmore College
Health and Human Physiological Sciences

Student research group

Senior Thesis Research

Spring 2013

Exercise and Heat Stress affects on the Immune System
Presenter: Joseph Phalen
Advisor: Professor Gwendolyn Elphick

The effect of maximal intensity cycling on right ventricular function during exercise in endurance trained and normally active college-aged males"
Presenters: Michael Mozer, Tyler Masters, Miguel Santiago
Advisor: Professor Denise Smith

The effects of a 10-week exercise training program utilizing weighted shorts on energy expenditure and body composition in middle-aged women.
Presenters: Michelle Finan & Nataly Mendoza
Advisor: Professor Paul Arciero

The effects of SSRI antidepressant medication on bone health and muscle function in college-aged students
Presenters: Lauren Conway and Molly Gile
Advisors: Professor Patricia Fehling, Professor Casey Schofield (psychology), Professor Michael Smith (The Sage Colleges)

Effects of Dietary Induced Obesity and Exercise Training on CIDE Protein Expression in Muscle, Adipose, and Hepatic Tissue
Presenters: Jake Donohue and Sandrine Couldwell
Advisor: Professor T.H. Reynolds

Male circumcision for HIV prevention in the Hhohho region of Swaziland: A battle among science, education, and culture
Presenter: Johane Simelane
Advisor: Professor Jennifer McDonald

The Metabolic and Thermogenic Effects of a Whole Food Meal versus its Supplemental Equivalent
Presenters: Carmen Ramos, Kelvin Tavarez
Advisor: Professor Paul J. Arciero

The effects of different Cybercycling games on improved cognitive function and brain growth factors in elderly individuals.
Presenter: Max Martins
Advisor: Professor Paul Arciero