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Skidmore College
Information Technology

AV Production

We offer a wide range of production services to support curricular, research and faculty/student projects. If you don't see your needs on this list, please ask us.

AV production services include


Video Production Services 

  • Live taping of events
  • Digital video editing on computer 
  • DVD burning
  • Conversion of video clips to computer files such as quicktime or AVI movies.
  • Camcorders are available for sign out for educational projects.

Camcorders are also available for sign out. Students must be using the camcorders for educational purposes. Due to demand, camcorders are usually only signed out for a day at a time. If you have special needs, contact our front desk and we will try to accommodate your needs. Again, it is advisable to make reservations for the camcorder a few days in advance.


Audio Production Services

We have a limited number of portable audiocassette recorders to sign out on a "first come, first serve" basis. Check with our front desk for availability.

  • Audiotaping of events
  • Simple audio editing
  • Audiotracks to computer files **
  • Computer audio files to audio CD

We have a digital audio suite available for higher end sound work. This has a key available for sign out.


Graphic Arts and Computer Graphics Services

For your convenience we have a number of scanners, digital cameras, CD-R burners, DVD-R burners and printers in our office on the second floor of Palamountain Hall. We encourage you to do your own scanning whenever possible, and will assist you in learning how. 

Ready to do your own production? 

Visit our Media Production Lab for scanning, CD-R burning, DVD-R burning, audio editing, video editing, poster printing, and graphics production.


** We will not duplicate any copyrighted material without written permission from the copyright holder. We may be able to copy a small portion of a tape if your use qualifies under the fair-use guidelines of the copyright laws. Click here for copyright information.