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Information Technology

IT Email: Where Do I Log in to Email?

Skidmore College uses Microsoft Outlook as our email provider. To Log into your Skidmore email click here.
For tips on using Office 365, search our Knowledgebase articles.

Spam, Junk Mail and Phishing
Questionable messages that may or may not be spam are now put in your Junk E-Mail folder by the mail server.
Messages that are clearly spam or that carry infections are blocked outright at the mail server. That list of blocked email is not available to IT.

We have seen an increase in the phishing emails being sent to Skidmore addresses. These are emails pretending to be something they are not (e.g. password reset, benefits enrollment), whose sole goal is to get people to click on a link and then use their Skidmore credentials to "login". At that point, the phishing attempt has been successful -- they have your credentials.

Please be on the lookout for emails that provide a link that you need to click on or a QR code that you need to scan. If the URL (i.e. web address) for the link goes to a non-Skidmore website, you should just delete the email (or better yet, use the "Report" button). If you have any doubts about the email, check with the group that is supposed to have sent the email. If you are unsure about the email, you can forward it to

Mailing Lists
Read more about Skidmore mailing lists.


Email accounts are maintained for as long as Microsoft continues to provide our mail service. 

Alumni who graduated 2021 to present will continue to use the same log in information and location that they used while attending Skidmore College.

Alumni who graduated between the years of 2010 and 2020, Your login and primary address will be Your previous address,, will continue to deliver email to your Inbox. To access your email you will need to log into your email at