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Skidmore College
Information Technology

IT Email Policies and Best Practices

Account Closures


  • Withdrawals: Your account will be closed 30 days from the time that your account is marked as withdrawn.


    • Email accounts are maintained for as long as Microsoft continues to provide our mail service.
    • For alumni who graduated after 2020, you will continue to log in at and use the same username you had been using while you were attending Skidmore.
    • For alumni who graduate between the years of 2008 to 2020, Your login and primary address will change to To log into your email you will need to go to Your previous address,, will deliver email to the new Inbox

Faculty and Other Employees

  • Based on information provided by Human Resources, an automatic process occurs and your Skidmore account is closed 30 days later.


    • If you are an official retiree of the college, you may keep your email account into retirement. 

Automatic Emptying of Deleted Items

  • Students: After an item has been in your Deleted Items folder for 14 days, the Exchange email server will remove them.
  • Employees: After an item has been in your Deleted Items folder for 30 days, the Exchange email server will remove them.


Other Policies


Best Practices for Email

  • Never forward any confidential or protected information to a personal email account. Most personal email accounts do not have the privacy and security necessary to handle confidential Skidmore information.
  • Never use your Skidmore email account id and password to setup an external, third-party account (such as Amazon, iTunes, etc.). If your account gets compromised on these sites, you are putting all of your Skidmore account information at risk. Always use a third party email account (gmail, yahoo, roadrunner, Comcast, etc.) to create third-party accounts.