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Skidmore College
Information Technology

IT Account Support

Create Accounts

This process starts with the Registrar for students and Human Resources for employees. Until those offices enter your personal information, you cannot create your new account.

You will need your Skidmore ID number to create your account. Students: Your Skidmore ID number was provided within your admissions acceptance letter. Faculty/staff: You will need to contact Human Resources to obtain your Skidmore ID number.    

Create an account

Student Account Activation Instructions

Note: Account creation is instant. However access to Okta Applications takes at least a half an hour after the account has been created. 

Additionally access to Oracle is not granted until your official hire date, or until you have an active social security number.

Guests who are affiliated with the college and have a need to log onto college-owned equipment may obtain a temporary username and password. The account may last from one day to two weeks. It allows logging onto computers or wireless.

Employees may request guest access in advance of a speaking engagement or conference for individual(s). The employee can put in a help ticket here. The employee will need to provide information such as visitor's name, external email, phone number, and the time period the guest access will be needed, etc.

Skidmore College has special Wi-Fi for those guests who are not logging onto college-owned computers. Please point your device to the Wi-Fi access point named Skidmore Guest. You need to accept the policy on appropriate use and you need to provide your email address. Instructions on how to get connected can be found here.

Employees and students must not use Skidmore Guest. It does not provide access to college resources such as printing, theSpring and student systems.

Managing Your Account

If your legal name has changed, please visit the Registrar (students) or Human Resources (faculty/staff) to have the change made in our systems. Once made, the change will be reflected in our systems within the next 24hours.

If you wish to have your username changed, an alias can be made to match your new name. To have this done please enter a help ticket here.

If you would like to see your displayed name changed, but it has not be legally changed, please visit the Registrar (students) or Human Resources (faculty/staff) to have the change made in our systems. Once made, the change will be reflected in our systems within the next 24hours. This will not effect any system that displays legal information.


For your security, Skidmore requires that your password be between eight (8) and sixteen (16) characters in length. It must contain at least two (2) letters, with a minimum of one (1) upper case and one (1) lower case, and at least one (1) numeric character. The following are the five (5) acceptable characters to be used as part of the password:
! # : . ,

The password may not match three consecutive characters of your user name, nor may it be an exact reversal of your user name.

Avoid using consecutive characters of your first, middle or last name in your password. Doing so will cause your password to fail for email.

You may not reuse passwords; a different password is required each time. You are not able to rearrange or reverse the current password in order to create a new password. 

Change your password here

Instructions on how to change your password are located here. If you need help, feel free to contact the Help Desk.


Policies and Procedures

Account Closures


  • Withdrawals: Your account will be closed on the day that your account is marked as withdrawn.


    • Email accounts are maintained for as long as Microsoft continues to provide our mail service. All other services will end the day you graduate.
    • For alumni who graduated after 2020, you will continue to log in at and use the same username you had been using while you were attending Skidmore.
    • For alumni who graduate between the years of 2008 to 2020, Your login and primary address will change to To log into your email you will need to go to Your previous address,, will deliver email to the new Inbox. 


  • Access to your email, Onedrive, and theSpring should remain for 30days after you leave the college. However, we recommend you prepare to have your information backed up the day that your contract ends.


  • Based on information provided by Human Resources, an automatic process occurs and access to your Skidmore account is closed based off of an end date given by them.


  • If you are an official retiree of the college, you may keep your email account into retirement. Access to all other systems will end the day you retire.
  • Students: After an item has been in your Deleted Items folder for 14 days, the Exchange email server will remove them.
  • Employees: After an item has been in your Deleted Items folder for 30 days, the Exchange email server will remove them. 

Forwarding Skidmore email to another account

Never forward any confidential or protected information to a personal email account. Most personal email accounts do not have the privacy and security necessary to handle confidential Skidmore information.

Never use your Skidmore email account to setup a third-party account (such as Amazon, iTunes, etc.)

Never use your Skidmore email address and password to setup an external, third-party account. If your account gets compromised on these sites, you are putting all of your Skidmore account information at risk. Always use a third party email account (gmail, yahoo, roadrunner, Comcast, etc.) to create third-party accounts.


IT-Supported Mailing Lists