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Skidmore College
Information Technology

Information for Potential Vendors

Important information for potential suppliers of technology products and services:

  • Vendor selection
  • Terms
  • Capital planning cycle
  • Product evaluation
  • Sales calls
  • Tell us about your product

Skidmore College values the strong relationships it builds with suppliers of high-quality services and products. The Information Technology department looks for new products, services and providers to help us achieve our mission of providing superior technology and support in a rigorous educational environment.

Selecting suppliers
We rely on a core group of suppliers for our operational purchases. This list changes from time to time based on product selection, service and pricing offered by vendors.


Skidmore College requires 30-day net payment terms with its suppliers. We are a registered nonprofit organization that is exempt from sales taxes. For more information about purchasing policies, please contact the Purchasing Office.

Capital planning cycle
The school's fiscal year runs June 1–May 31. Capital projects are planned one year in advance and funding is typically decided in February preceding the start of the new fiscal year.

Evaluating your product or service
We appreciate the opportunity to learn about new products and services. We are most likely to follow up on product information when we encounter it in these forums:

  1. Recommendation from a peer college that is using your product or service.
  2. Websites that discuss your product or service, especially when they link to your website.
  3. Trade magazines, especially when your product or service is reviewed.
  4. Trade shows. We attend NERCOMP and EDUCAUSE conferences regularly.

We are least likely to follow up on unsolicited faxed, telephoned or emailed information or contacts.

Sales calls
Due to an unmanageable and ever-increasing volume of unsolicited phone calls and marketing material, we are not able to respond to requests from organizations seeking to sell their products and services to IT.

We do not accept unsolicited telephone calls, faxes, visits or direct email messages to staff members from companies seeking to discuss their products and services or to participate in surveys.

Organizations that would like to have their products or services evaluated are encouraged to mail product information to the address below. Please note that we may not acknowledge receipt of such information and cannot accept calls confirming receipt of material sent. If there is interest in evaluating your product or service, a member of the IT staff will contact your organization using the information you provide.

Send product or service information to:

Product Evaluation
Information Technology—Skidmore College
815 North Broadway, Library 124
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866