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Skidmore College
Management and Business Department
Jina Mao

Jina Mao

Contact Information & Background
Assistant Professor
Department of Management & Business
Phone: 518-580-5104
Office: PMH 203

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D. in business administration, May 2012, Boston University, School of Management, Department of Organizational Behavior.
  • M.S. in computer science, June 1999, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • B.S. in computer science, May 1997 (with honors), University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Minor in Business Administration


  • MB 107 Business and Organization Management
  • MB 224 Foundations of Organizational Behavior
  • SSP 100 Human Dilemmas

Research Interests

  • Identity dynamics in the workplace
  • Occupational and organizational cultures
  • Identification and commitment


  • Mao, J. & Y. Shen (2015) Cultural identity change in expatriates: A social network perspective.  Human Relations, 68(10): 1533-1556.

  • Hall, D. T., Mao, J. (2015) Exploring authenticity in careers. In Baugh, G. & S. Sullivan (Eds.) Research in Careers (volume 2). Information Age Publishing.

  • Howard-Grenville, J., Golden-Biddle, K, Irwin, J., Mao, J. (2011) Liminality as cultural process for cultural change. Organization Science, 22(2): 522-539.

  • Golden-Biddle, K., Mao, J. (2011) What makes a change process positive? In Cameron, K. & Spreitzer, G. (Eds.) Handbook of positive organizational scholarship.  Oxford University Press.

  • Santana, L. C., Las Heras, M., Mao, J. (2010) Developing leaders with cultural intelligence: Exploring the cultural dimension of leadership. In Bunker K., D. T. Hall, K. Kram (Eds.) Extraordinary leadership: Addressing the gaps in senior executive development. San Francisco, CA: Wiley Publishing.

Conference Presentations

  • Mao, J. & S. Keane (2015) Managing identity paradoxes in creative organizations. Paper presented at EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) conference in Athens, Greece.

  • Mao, J. (2015) Working like adults: Negotiated order and adulthood in a fast food chain. Paper presented in symposium Governing identities: Narrative and discourse as identity work at four levels of analysis at national Academy of Management conference in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Mao, J. (2014) Working like adults: Social construction of adulthood at work. Presented in workshop titled Wordplays of the self: Narrative, discourse, power and the hard work of identity at national Academy of Management conference in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Shen, Y. & Mao, J. (2013) Exploring expatriates’ cultural identity reconstruction: A relational and network approach. Paper presented at Academy of International Business conference in Istanbul, Turkey.