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Skidmore College
Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

Withdrawal Policy

Skidmore College incurs many expenses as it plans for and implements off-campus study programs. Many of these costs cannot be recovered when a student terminates their application or withdraws from program participation after accepting an invitation to the program. For this reason we must observe the following policies on deposits and refunds in order to protect the interests of all program participants and the financial commitments of the College.

The deposit and refund policies apply to all students who abandon their application, withdraw from program participation for any reason, who fail to appear for program participation on the appropriate dates, or who are dismissed from program participation.

  • Most Approved, Non-Approved International and Domestic Programs require two deposits upon acceptance - a confirmation deposit to secure a spot in the program and a housing deposit. The confirmation deposit of $500 is to be paid to Off-Campus Study & Exchanges, not the provider, for Approved and Non-Approved International and Domestic Programs and Skidmore Programs. Of these monies, $400 of the deposit will be credited to your Skidmore College account and the remaining $100 constitutes a processing fee.  The deposit can be made by either cash, check or money order.  Checks and money orders must be made payable to “Skidmore College”.  (Please note the provider name, program and student id number on the check.) The student should note on their acceptance paperwork to the provider that the deposit was paid directly to Skidmore. Any refundable deposits need to be sent directly to the provider, not to Off-Campus Study & Exchanges. The majority of the housing deposits are refundable to the student at the end of the program. Please check with the program provider for their policy.
  • Students who wish to withdraw from a program must notify OCSE in writing. If the student has made application to the provider they must also follow the withdrawal procedures outlined by the provider. Students who officially withdraw or are dismissed from program participation will incur a withdrawal fee of minimally $500. If the program has commenced the student will be responsible for fees and charges according to the Skidmore College refund (semester charges liability) policy as outlined in the Skidmore College catalog.  However the liability will be based on the provider program dates not Skidmore’s enrollment period.
  • Under no circumstances may Skidmore financial aid be used to cover a defaulted deposit or any other additional charges resulting from the student’s withdrawal or dismissal from the program or failure to participate in the program.
  • The Skidmore student who withdraws from the program is not automatically entitled to enroll in regular Skidmore classes for the current semester. Permission for enrollment in regular Skidmore courses may be granted by the Associate Dean of Academic Policy and Advising in consultation with the Office of the Registrar and the Committee on Academic Standing and can be considered only if the student is able to commence his or her Skidmore courses no later than the beginning of the second week of classes. A student who has been dismissed from a Skidmore program or affiliated program may be temporarily or permanently denied further enrollment/matriculation at Skidmore.