Wilmarth Hall (South Quad)

Wilmarth Hall is one one of four South Quad areas.


Wilmarth Hall was built in the 1960s, and is named after the a trustee of the college, Martin L. C. Wilmarth.  Wilmarth, ". . .a Glens Falls merchant whose stationary indicates that his business included 'furniture and undertaking.'"  Martin Wilmarth joined the trustees in 1917, where his role on the building and grounds committee played a crucial role in advancing the Skidmore School of Arts into a comprehensive liberal arts college.  On his retirement from the board in 1938, he was lauded, "Skidmore never had a better friend than Mr. Wilmarth, nor a more efficient trustee."


Room Furnishings

Rooms are furnished with the following items upon move in:

Room Style

All rooms in Wilmarth Hall are suite style.  Each suite can contain a different combination of single rooms, double/triple rooms, and a bathroom.

Room Sizes

Double/Triple Room (44 Rooms): 10'-7" x 19'-10"

Single Room (45 Rooms): 10'-8" x 9'-2"


Wilmarth Hall