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Skidmore College
Art History

Visiting Speakers


Spring 2018

"Image Power: The Life of a Photograph"
Holly Edwards
Senior Lecturer in Art
Williams College

Spring 2017

"Demands and Dialogue: Re-engaging African Objects and Communities at the Royal Ontario Museum"
Dr. Silvia Forni
Curator of Anthropology, Department of World Cultures at Royal Ontario Museum and
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto

Spring 2016

"Image Making and Experience in Ancient Peru: Perspectives on Moche Painted Walls"
Lisa Trever, Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley

Spring 2015

"Realms of Earth and Sky: Indian Painting from the Fifteenth to the Nineteenth Century"
Shahzia Sikander
Internationally acclaimed Pakistani-born artist and MacArthur Fellow

Fall 2014

"The Cinema of Ousmane Sembene and its Legacy"
Dr. Aboubakar Sanogo
Associate Professor of Film Studies
Carleton College

Spring 2014

“Terrifying Strangers: The New World ‘Other’ in Renaissance Costume Books”
Ann Rosalind Jones, Ph.D.
Esther Cloudman Dunn Professor of Comparative Literature
Smith College

Spring 2013

"Trajectories of Tradition: A Rajput Intervention"
Molly Aitken, Associate Professor of Art History

Spring 2012

"Lively Art:  the Medieval Cross Reliquary"
Cynthia Hahn, Professor Art History
Hunter College

Spring 2011

"Ways of Seeing War:  Lee Miller and Margaret Bourke-White"
Beth Wilson, Lecturer
SUNY New Paltz

Fall 2010

"Entangled Images:  Picture Postcards from West and Central Africa"
Dr. Christraud Geary, Teel Senior Curator of African and Oceanic Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Spring 2010

"Beyond the Body of the Queen:  Critiques of Masculinity in the Pornographic Caricatures of the French Revolution"
Laura Auricchio, Asst. Prof. of Art History, Parsons, the New School for Design and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

"The Patron's Turn: Giotto, Enrico Scrovegni, and the Arena Chapel in Padua" 
Anne Derbes, Professor of Art History, Hood College and Mark Sandona, Professor of English, Hood College

Spring 2009

"Cities, Saints, and Sacred Matter: Relics and Ritual in Jerusalem, Constantinople and Venice, ca. 350-1350"
Holger A. Klein, Associate Professor of Art History and Archeology
Columbia University

Fall 2008

"The Future of Art History"
James Elkins, E.C. Chadbourne Chair, Department of Art History, Theory and Criticism, School of Art Institute of Chicago
Solomon Residency

"New Canons and Protocols of Art and Art History"
Robert S. Nelson, Robert Lehman Professor of the History of Art<
Yale University
Solomon Residency

Spring 2008

"Behold This Body: Dynamic Corpses in Illustrated Japanese Scrolls"
Ikumi Kaminishi, Associate Professor of Art History
Tufts University

"The Imaginative Frontier in 20th-Century Chinese Painting"
Sarah Fraser, Professor of Art History
Northwestern University

Spring 2007

"Animal Life in the Rococo Interior"
Sarah Cohen, Associate Professor of Art History
SUNY, Albany

"Flesh and Figuration: The Courtly Body in Art, 1350-1550"
Brigitte Buettner, Priscilla Paine Van Der Poel Professor of Art History
Smith College

Fall 2006

"Integrating Region and Nation: The Regional Dissemination of Mexican Rural Painting"
Jennifer Jolly, Assistant Professor of Art History
Ithaca College


"The Invention of African Art: Colonial Fantasies of an Art Historical Canon"
Christopher Steiner, Lucy C. McDannel '22 Professor of Art History and Director of the Museum Studies Program
Connecticut College

"From Empire to Pasture and Back: Indian Manuscript Paintings"
Joan Cummins, former Curator of Indian Art
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Fall 2005

"Something Borrowed, Something Red"
Kate Fitz Gibbon, Author

"Sweet Home Alabama: Paul Rudolph and Modernist Regionalism in the Postwar South"
Timothy Rohan, Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Making Art Work on the Bowery"
Melanie Cohen, Curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art
Marion Wilson, Artist

Spring 2004

"Rethinking African Modernism"
Salah Hassan, Chair of the Department of Art and Art History Cornell University

Spring 2003

"The Corset:  Fashioning the Body"
Valerie Steele, Chief Curator
Museum at FIT

"Renaissance Genderscapes:  Gender and Space in 15th-Century Italian Painting"
Adrian Randolph, Associate Professor of Art History
Dartmouth College

Spring 2002

"Discriminating Views: Race and Realism in Documentary Photographs of Depression America<"
James C. Curtis, Director, Winterthur Program in Early American Culture
University of Delaware

"Images of the 'Other' in Late 19th-Century Plains Indians Drawings"
Janet Berlo, Susan B. Anthony Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
University of Rochester

Fall 2002

"The Age of Astonishment is Beginning: Robert Smithson's Religious Paintings"
Jennifer L. Roberts, Assistant Professor of Art History
Harvard University

Fall 2001

"Craftsman @ Work in Post/Colonial South Asia"
Deepali Dewan, Associate Curator of South Asian Art and Civilizations
Royal Ontario Museum

Spring 2001

"Young Rembrandt: Trumping Geniuses, Prematurely Esteemed"
Mariet Westermann, Professor of Art History
Rutgers University

"Thanatomimetic Performance: Playing Dead on the Streets of LA: Chris Burden's Deadman (1972) and Asco's Decoy Gang War Victim (1974)"
Ondine Chavoya, Professor of Art and Theory
Rhode Island School of Design

Spring 2000

"Reinventing the Renaissance in 19th-Century Florence"
Bonnie Apgar-Bennett, Professor of Art History
Hobart and William Smith College

"Rising Colour: The Legibility of Whiteness"
Angela Rosenthal, Assistant Professor of Art History
Dartmouth College

Spring 1999

"Four is Completeness: Uli Art Today"
Obiora Udechukwu

Fall 1998

"Visions of Uganda"
Zuleika Kingdon, British Film Maker

"Stuart Davis and Odol: Modernism and Marketplace Identities"
Karen Lucic, Professor of Art History
Vassar College

Spring 1998

"Norman Rockwell, Public Artist"
Michele Bogart, Professor
SUNY, Stonybrook

Fall 1996

"Siva Nataraja, Cidambaram Temple and Early Cola Kings: Shifting Meanings of an Icon"
Padma Kaimal, Professor of Art History
Colgate University

Spring 1996

"Islamic Art and Islamic Religious Traditions"
Walter B. Denny, Professor of Art History
University of Massachusetts

Fall 1995

"The Social Origins and Significance of Flemish 16th-Century Still Lifes: Pieter Aertsen's Meat Market Scenes"
Craig Harbison, Professor of Art History
University of Massachusetts, Amherst