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Art History Department



Art history affirms and explains the importance of visual acuity and historical perspective for a critical engagement with images, artifacts, and built environments. We use objects to understand history and culture, and history and culture to understand objects. Students earning a BA in art history explore the varied roles of objects, creators, audiences, and patrons in diverse cultural contexts around the world and in a range of periods from antiquity to the present.The skills art history majors develop in analyzing visual objects and written sources adapt to a wide range of future pursuits. Majors improve their abilities to write clearly, speak articulately, and carry out detailed research, preparing them broadly for post-college life, including art-related careers, graduate studies in many fields, and other personal, civic, and professional endeavors.

Goals of the Art History Major

I. Knowledge

The student will gain:

II. Abilities

The student will be able to:

III. Values and perspectives

The student will graduate with: