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The amount of sleep we get affects how we think, feel, look and act. Learn how much sleep you personally need to perform your best.  This is important because getting the sleep you need can improve your mood, creativity, memory, relationships with those around you, and your performance in everything from school to sports.

Most people in their late teens and early twenties need 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep a night.

Tips for getting enough sleep

  • Establish a regular bed time and wake time and maintain it throughout the week and on the weekends
  • Get into bright light as soon as possible in the morning and avoid it at night
  • Relax before going to bed
  • Use naps as a quick (20-30 minute) pick me up. Don't nap too close to the time you want to go to bed
  • Make your room a sleep haven. Keep it cool, quiet and dark. If you need to, get eyeshades or blackout curtains. Let in bright light in the morning to signal your body to wake up
  • Only use your bed for sleeping (not reading, watching TV, doing school work, etc)
  • Create a bedtime ritual and do the same thing every night so your body knows the signals that it is time to go to bed
  • Keep a to-do list. If you jot down notes you will be less likely to stress while trying to fall asleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, and the trouble persists for more than a week, make an appointment at Health Services (580-5550) or the Counseling Center (580-5555).