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Information for Parents and Families

The college years are a time of challenge and growth for students. Students at Skidmore develop a greater sense of independence, encounter differing worldviews, examine and reconsider their personal and cultural values, forge meaningful relationships, and navigate through the myriad opportunities and dilemmas of a stimulating new environment—all while meeting the challenges of a rigorous liberal arts education. Along the way, they will also be negotiating new relationships with you, their parents and loved ones.

The section below offers general information about what your student may be experiencing at different points during their four years here at Skidmore. We also provide some general suggestions and inform you about some of our services and about how mental health confidentiality works once a student is legally an adult. Ultimately, however, we would like to emphasize that every child will experience his or her own unique set of challenges and adjustments, just as every parent will have different expectations for and reactions to their child's college experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the Counseling Center if you have specific questions or concerns about your student at Skidmore.

While college students change in many new and often unexpected ways throughout their time at Skidmore, there are certain predictable rhythms to the academic year and to the course of an undergraduate education. It can be helpful for parents and families to be aware of these markers.

Health and Wellness Guide