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Self Care


Meditation is one way for people to take a break from their stress and anxiety, making time to focus on the here and now rather than worrying about the past or the future. Many people feel that giving themselves this respite helps them to cope more effectively with their stressors. These four links are meditations currently used by students in the Skidmore class “Stress Reduction and Wellness” to help increase awareness of being physically present in the moment. Each will guide you through a 20-30 minute meditation focusing on being mindful of your body, your breathing, and/or gentle movement. The Body Scan is usually easiest to do while lying down in a comfortable place, such as on a yoga mat or in bed. The Sitting Meditation can be done while seated on a chair or bed, or on the floor. The Yoga 1 will work best while you are seated on the floor on a yoga mat or rug, whereas you will need room to stand up and move freely for parts of the Yoga 2 track.


Ulifeline will link you to information about stress, mental health issues and surviving and thriving in college. If you click on the “Check yourself” link on the main page, you will find self-assessment tools related to alcohol/substance use, depression, PTSD and eating/body issues.

Click here for information on Grief and Loss