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Skidmore College
Facilities Services

Our Services


Wall repairs, locks, keys, doors/windows, signs, furniture repair

Mechanical Trades

HVAC (cooling/heating/ventilation), Electrical, Plumbing repairs-leaks, water filters, toilets, sinks


Moving services, grounds keeping


Occupants of offices are asked to empty their office trash and recycle bins as needed in the main corridor receptacles which are positioned or have been added near most offices. We will also take a sustainable approach to eliminate trash can liners in offices.

Effective Sept 1st Facilities will schedule the cleaning of all departmental workspace and offices on a monthly basis.  Occupants may request additional cleaning as needed by submitting a work order requests which will be reviewed, prioritized and scheduled accordingly.  

Pest Control

General pest control

General Maintenance

Clogged toilets, lights, alarms – acts as first responders


All interior/exterior painting