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Skidmore College
Faculty Development Committee

Final Report Form for Kress Family Creative Pedagogy Grant

Reports are due 30 days from the end of the grant period.


Faculty Status
Full-Time or Part-Time
Brief Summary for the non-specialist that describes your accomplishments in the project. Be sure to include the following: (1) Original project objectives; (2) the nature of any collaborations; (3) assessment of accomplishments, both yours and the students'.
Relate the prospective value to the College (explaining how this teaching experiment could be applied, modified, and communicated).
Please note: Faculty must complete and sign an expense report giving details for each expenditure; there is no reimbursement for alcohol. Original, itemized receipts for expenditures of $10 or more must be attached to the expense report; your credit card bill and the receipt showing the total amount paid for restaurant charges are not considered adequate proof of purchase. If travel reimbursement is requested for a collaborator, these guidelines still apply.
By entering your name here, the Faculty Development Committee will accept this as a fullly-signed document.