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Human Resources

Administrative Leave Policy


This policy defines a paid leave of absence for exempt staff (administrative/ professional staff) which is similar in concept to the sabbatical program for faculty members. The objective of the policy is to encourage professional growth by providing an opportunity to pursue a professional or educational project to enhance competence and potential for contributing to Skidmore College. Administrative leave is not an employee entitlement. Normally, no more than four administrative leaves are approved annually by the college.


Regular full- and part-time administrative/professional staff employees with a minimum of six years of continuous full- or part-time service may be eligible for a paid administrative leave of absence.

Conditions and Leave Criteria

The leave may vary in length from several weeks to as long as five months. Normally, no more than the equivalent of four leaves of term length will be granted during one fiscal year. In some cases, replacement personnel may not be hired to substitute for the employee on leave because one of the objectives of the leave program is to encourage the development of administrative depth and flexibility. Replacement personnel will be considered, however, as needed to meet operational needs.

Selection Procedure

Leaves for Cabinet members are granted by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the President.

Cabinet members make their requests to the President along with a statement of the leave project, duration and plans for coverage of duties during the leave as outlined below.

All other administrative leaves are made to the President by the vice presidents or deans for review by the President's Cabinet along with a statement of the leave project, duraton and plans for coverage of duties during the leave as outlined below.


An eligible employee may apply for administrative leave by submitting a written project proposal to the immediate supervisor for review and approval. The supervisor should forward the request for administrative leave to their dean or vice president by January of each year. President's Cabinet will review requests by February of each year. The proposal should include details of the project, a statement about the value or benefits to be derived from the project and the length of leave requested. The proposal should also include plans for ensuring satisfactory coverage of job responsibilities during the administrative leave. Once approved by President's Cabinet, a copy should be forwarded to Human Resources. At the conclusion of the leave, the employee should submit a report to his/her direct supervisor summarizing the benefits derived from the leave.



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