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Skidmore College
Media and Film Studies

Fall 2018 Course Offerings

Media and Film Studies Dedicated Courses
MF 101 Introduction to Media Studies  
MF 251D Virtual Reality I, H
MF 351C Detective Fictions I, H
Cross-Counting Courses
AA 201 Foundations of Arts Administration I, SS
AAMB 301 Entertainment Law and Business I, SS
AH 251D Cine Latino I, H
AHDS 324 The Artist Interview II, VPA
AN 280R Ethnographic Research II, SS
AR 134 Color II, VPA
AR 136 Digital Foundations II, VPA
AR 209 Communication Design I II, VPA
AR 229 Photography I II, VPA
AR 264G Constructed Realities II, VPA
AR 307 Communication Design I II, VPA
AR 358 Digital Media I: Motion II, VPA
DA 230 Dance and Society, 1700-1960 I, H
DA 274B Dance Music and Film I, H
DS 110B Storytelling: Video II, VPA
DS 116A Storytelling: Topics II, VPA
DS 210 Introduction to Audio Documentary II, VPA
DS 251C Documentary Storytelling II, VPA
DS 251C Topics in Documentary Film II, VPA
DS 251C Screenwriting: Documentary/Narrative II, VPA
DS 251C Storytelling: Game Development II, VPA
EN 228 Graphic Narratives and Comic Books I, H
EN 363R Strange Things: Race, Gender, Objecthood in Lit and Media I, H
ID 210 Introduction to GIS II, NST
MB 337 Advertising and Promotion II, SS
MU 255 Music and Technology II, NST
MU 357 Composition II, VPA
PS 336 Music Cognition I, NST
PY 109 Sound and Music with Lab II, NST
TH 103 Introduction to Theater I, H
TH 140 Introduction to Directing II, VPA
WLF 363 Cinéma et Société I, H
WLL 239 Japanese Popular Culture I, SS
WLL 251 Contemporary German Cinema I, H