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Skidmore College
Media and Film Studies

The Structured Field Experience

The Structured Field Experience (SFE) serves as the student's culminating work in the minor and can be credit-bearing or non-credit bearing. It offers students a chance to both build on and depart from their coursework in the minor in creative ways that develop their personal and professional interests and aspirations.

Regardless of credit status (credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing), the SFE is completed through independent work such as internships, independent studies, the Storytellers' Institute, other independent projects involving critical and/or creative media work, or through an additional approved MFS 300-level course. 

The SFE requires a minimum of 120 hours (the equivalent hours of a 3-credit course) and must be pre-approved by a designated SFE advisor or the MFS Program Director. Non-credit-bearing experiences may be voluntary or paid. Regardless of the experience an SFE advisor/mentor must be identified and at least 75% of the SFE experience must be substantive/professional (e.g., not Xeroxing or other clerical work).



  • Completion of the  Structured Field Experience Reflection Form. Please note all non-credit bearing internships require an additional signature on the form from the off-site internship advisor/mentor.
  • Electronic submittal of a completed and signed SFE Reflection form to the SFE faculty advisor and the MFS Program Director
  • Submittal of a completed and signed SFE Reflection form to the Registrar’s Office. The deadline for submittal is by the last day of classes or if completed in the summer by the end of the first week of classes in the fall.