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Skidmore College
Media and Film Studies

About the Structured Field Experience

The structured field experience (SFE) functions as the capstone for the minor and can be credit-bearing or non-credit bearing. Any Media and Film Studies (MFS) affiliate faculty may serve as SFE advisors (here is a complete listing of eligible faculty advisors). Students should tailor this applied learning experience to their personal and professional interests and aspirations.
This requirement may be fulfilled through internships, field work, professional positions, independent studies, or an intensive high impact learning experience (e.g., The Storytellers Institute). The SFE should include a minimum of 120 hours (the equivalent hours expected for a 3-credit course) and must be pre-approved by a designated SFE advisor or the director of the program.
Please consult the Structured Field Experience Contract Form for additional information. This and the Structured Field Experience Reflection Form will guide you through the process for obtaining approval and completing this capstone for the minor.

Satisfactory completion of the SFE requires submission of a reflection component to your designated SFE advisor and MFS Director, final approval by your SFE advisor or director of the program, and submission of the SFE Reflection Form to the Registrar’s Office and MFS Director. There's a handy checklist below...


  • I have arranged for an SFE advisor.
  • My SFE has been pre-approved by my SFE advisor or MFS Director.
  • If this is a non-credit bearing internship, I will have my off-site internship advisor sign my SFE Reflection Form.
  • I will send a copy of the reflection component to my designated SFE advisor and the MFS Director for filing and assessment purposes.
  • I will submit one copy of the SFE Reflection Form to the Registrar’s Office and one copy to the MFS Director.