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Skidmore College
Media and Film Studies


The interdisciplinary Media and Film Studies minor explores the function and structure of written, aural, and visual communication systems. Grounded in a strong liberal arts preparation, the program offers core courses in media theory and practice as well as the opportunity for advanced course work and practical field experience.

Media and Film Studies affords students the opportunity to develop critical literacy in forms of media and communication by providing a foundation in the central concepts (theoretical, practical, and aesthetic) and contexts of mediated communication; by exploring the application of current and developing forms of media and communication; and by fostering facility and expertise in the use of technology related to current and emerging media. Students also participate in programs and courses offered as part of project VIS and the John B. Moore Documentary Studies Program (MDOCS). We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning, to discuss their program and progress with their faculty advisor, and to avail themselves of relevant collegewide lectures, symposia, and media resources.

Skidmore’s Media and Film Studies minor helps to ensure the success of the college's mission to link "theoretical with applied learning" and prepare students to "make the choices required of informed, responsible citizens" in a twenty-first century context.