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OCSE Photo Contest Winners - 2019

Off-Campus Study & Exchanges is pleased to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the 2019 OCSE Photo Contest. OCSE received hundreds of photos from students that studied off-campus during the 2018-19 academic year. Photos were submitted in one of four categories: My City, My Host Culture, My Sefl(ie), or My Studies. A first-place winner was selected for each category. A Best of Show award was also given for the best overall photo. Representatives chosen by the office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges served as the judging committee for the contest. 

Best in Show

My Swiss cow friends
Kandersteg, Switzerland
Nate Smail '20, IES Frieburg: Language & Area Studies

Best In Show - Switzerland

We were on a program excursion to Kandersteg, Austria for the day. We were guided on hike up to a warming hut, and on our hike there we passed grazing open-range cows. I quickly befriended them and they took some fun selfies with me! This photo really signified my outgoing and adventurous personality that I acquired while abroad! Making friends while abroad is also a real challenge, and this trip signified one of the first excursions to really make friends with other students in the program. 

Nate smail

My City

Frosty Friday
Hallstatt, Austria
Katie Coggins '20, IES Vienna: European Culture & Society

My City

It had just snowed the day before. I was walking through the town looking at the homes and shops at eye level when I reached the top of a bit of a hill and looked out and saw all the snow-covered rooftops. The different colored homes looked beautiful so I took a picture. The town is on a lake that reflected the mountains and town, everything was unbelievably beautiful, I didn’t want to leave.
Katie Coggins

My Selfie

Overlooking Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Beatriz Benares '20, CIEE Barcelona: Business & Culture

My Selfie

I became friends with a local on my second or third day in Barcelona. He showed me all these great photos he had taken of the city in these obscure locations that only locals knew of. He gave me the directions to this hill, that was far from anywhere I had previously been in the city and there was this spectacular view from the top that could also be seen from the swing! 

Beatriz benares


My Host Culture

Tamang Women Mixing Dough
Chilime, Rasuwagadhi, Nepal
Ajna Kertesz '20, SIT Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

My Host Culture


My studies

TorteLlini Time
Bologna, Italy
Elizabeth Brogan '20, Brown in Bologna

My Studies

This was taken during a tortellini making class in Bologna, Italy. At first, I was so bad at folding the dough that the chef took the dough from me and did it herself. But then I folded it correctly and I was so excited that I held it out for my roommate to see. This class was part of our Food & Culture class, which was an ongoing series of lectures and field trips throughout the semester, culminating in a weekend trip to Tuscany. 

Elizabeth Brogan

Honorable mentions