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Off-Campus Study & Exchanges


Photo Contest - Fall Semester

Off-Campus Study & Exchanges invites you to take part in the OCSE Photo Contest. Take part in the photo contest and share your favorite off-campus study experiences with the campus!  As a Skidmore off-campus study participant you may enter up to five photos taken during your off-campus study experience in the OCSE Photo Contest. 

Learn more about the Photo Contest here


Show & Tell -Spring Semester (March-April)

We invite you to showcase your experience studying and living abroad. The challenge: You will be given a four foot table to decorate as you choose fit (photos, souvenirs, slideshow, signs, etc.) and we’ll invite others from the Skidmore community to come hear about your program. This isn’t a sales pitch but more a time for you to reflect on your experience while educating the Skidmore community on all that you did during that time abroad. Contestants will be given talking points to cover and will be judged on these points, visual appeal/use of table, and overall creativity.

Learn more about the Show & Tell contest here


Video Contest - Spring Semester (currently closed)

While there are no specific categories, we are looking for a movie that best represents living and learning abroad, especially in relation to the local culture and your experience in it. There are also no limitations on genre or format so use that creative thought and show us your take on study abroad in 60 seconds or less. 

Learn more about the Video Contest here


Essay Contest -- 2012 Fall Semester (currently closed)

Off-Campus Study & Exchanges invites you to take part in the Off-Campus Study & Exchanges Essay Contest.  OCSE and the Skidmore community would like to hear your story from your time studying off campus! Share your most unique, unexpected, confusing, funny, challenging, or memorable story from your time studying off campus.  You may get published on the OCSE website and could win great prizes!

By submitting your story, you help your fellow students and people in the Skidmore community know, feel and appreciate what it is like to study off campus.  Writing and submitting an essay is your opportunity to reflect on and share your off-campus study experience.

Read about the 2012 Essay Contest here