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Skidmore College
Skidmore History

President Philip A. GlotzbachPhilip A. Glotzbach

Philip A. Glotzbach  joined the Skidmore community in July 2003. Since that time, President Glotzbach has overseen a range of initiatives that have enhanced both the College’s academic offerings and physical landscape.

During Glotzbach’s tenure, the college has added new academic programs, instituted a new first-year experience, greatly increased both the academic strength and diversity of the student body, significantly enhanced the college’s commitment to financial aid and opened a number of impressive new facilities that have increased the vitality of the college’s living-learning environment. In addition, Skidmore has made major strides in sustainability, including significant investments in geothermal heating and cooling and solar energy. Throughout this time, Glotzbach has placed major emphasis on building and sustaining a campus educational community based on respect and a commitment to excellence. This work has been guided by Engaged Liberal Learning: The Plan for Skidmore 2005–15. Glotzbach is now leading a new strategic planning process that will set the direction for Skidmore through 2020.

On the fundraising side, Glotzbach headed Skidmore’s most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history—Creative Thought Bold Promise—that concluded in 2010 by raising $216.5 million. And now under his leadership, Skidmore has begun its next campaign, which will include among its priorities the creation of a groundbreaking Center for Integrated Sciences and increased endowment support for financial aid.

President Glotzbach is an articulate spokesperson on the issue of science literacy within a liberal arts education and is leading the charge at Skidmore for exciting new initiatives in science education. He also has lectured on effective academic administration and the deep connection between liberal education and responsible citizenship.