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Skidmore College
New York State Summer Writers Institute

Tuition and Scholarships 


Application Fee (non-refundable): $60

Application Fee (scholarship, non-refundable): $40

2024 Tuition: 

            Four weeks: $4,040 (non-credit)

            Four weeks: $4,040 (undergraduate credit)

            Two weeks: $2,020

            One week: $800 (online workshop only)

Manuscript Tutorial: $500 (optional)

2024 On-Campus Housing Costs: 

            Four weeks Room and Board: $2,100

            Two weeks Room and Board: $1,050

            [Room=$278.25/wk; Board=$246.75/wk]

Deposits (non-refundable):

            Four-week deposit: $400

            One- and Two-week deposit: $200         

Accepted Students will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit within 48 hours of acceptance to secure their place in the program. The deposit will be credited towards the program tuition.


The Institute offers partial scholarships – available in the form of tuition remission – as part of our ongoing commitment to access and diversity.

Scholarships are designed for talented students enrolled in full-time undergraduate or graduate programs who are nominated by their creative writing instructors. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship award, your instructor should follow the process below. You will subsequently receive e-mailed instructions on how to submit your application. If you are over the age of 18, but not currently a matriculated student, please contact our office for information on how to apply for financial assistance. Scholarships aren't available for the one week online workshop.
To nominate up to 6 students, send an email to  requesting access to our online nomination portal. We are looking for particularly strong writers and hope also to increase the diversity of our student body.


2024 Deadlines:

March 1: Faculty nominations must be received through our online nomination portal
March 15: Student Applications must be received
April 1 (approx.): Scholarship award winners will be announced to all applicants


Matriculated college students, and adults may register for four semester hours of undergraduate credit from Skidmore College when they choose to enroll in the four-week workshops in Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry. The course designations are EN380 Fiction Workshop, EN378 Nonfiction Workshop and EN379 Poetry Workshop. Students will be expected to comply with Skidmore’s academic policies and Non-Matriculated students will be required to submit a copy of their current transcript. For more information, please consult the Skidmore College Catalog.


Because faculty and staff salary commitments must be made in advance and the costs of operations are fixed, the College must follow a very limited refund policy. Details of this policy as it relates to tuition and program fees follow.  Appeals for refunds due to extenuating circumstances may be made in writing to the Program Director.

If Skidmore College cancels a program all program fees will be refunded.

  • Application fees will not be refunded.
  • Tuition payments (less non-refundable deposit) will be refunded if requested, in writing, by Friday, June 7, 2024.
  • Room: 100% of the room fee will be refunded if the student notifies the Program Director in writing thirty (30) days prior to the program start date. Fifty percent (50%) of the room fee will be refunded if withdrawal from the program occurs after this time and before the program begins. The room fee will not be refunded if the student withdraws on or after the first day of the program.
  • Board: 100% of the board fee will be refunded prior to the program start date. Withdrawal from the College after the start of any program shall entitle the student to a pro-rated refund of the unused portion of the board fee from the date of withdrawal, on a weekly basis.


Mary Gaitskill, 2023 Reading, photo by Tim O’Dowd