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Should you apply to Skidmore College?

One important question you need to ask and answer right now is simple. Do you believe that creative thought matters? To your undergraduate experience, to the major you choose, to the life paths you will take? If the answer is yes, apply to Skidmore.

What is Skidmore looking for in an applicant?

We look first at the strength of your academic record—the quality of your high school courses, your achievement in those courses and your recommendations.

Skidmore seeks students with strong academic ability, intellectual curiosity, creativity, open-mindedness, a commitment to learning and a desire to contribute to a community committed to intellectual and personal integrity and citizenship.

It is from your recommendations and optional interview that we will get a sense of whether these are your personal qualities. We will pay close attention to your interests, talents, accomplishments in and out of the classroom and what you’ve contributed to your school and community.

While we’re looking for a common spirit of learning and giving, we also seek to enroll incoming classes that are as diverse as possible. Diversity reflects our world, and drawing the best from different perspectives results in greater things. Our student body is composed of students from a wide spectrum of socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds.

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