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Chat Session Transcript
Admissions 11/5/13

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Skidmore -> Everyone Welcome everyone! Before we begin the panelists will introduce themselves.
Student_Kevin -> Everyone Hi friends! My name is Kevin Berry, I'm from Rockville Centre, on Long Island, and I'm a junior here at good ole ! First off, tonight is an Early Decision-focused night, and let's be clear here: I did not apply early decision. But I can answer any other questions you might have. Here's some fun stuff about me: I'm a theater and gender studies double major, focusing in directing and playwriting and LGBTQ+ theory and history in the respective majors. When it comes to clubs, I don't have much time, because I spend 120% of my time in the theater building, but I do find time to run Skidmore AIDSBenefit, a performance-based AIDS advocacy group on campus. On campus, I work as one of the Skidmore Student-to-Student Online Ambassadors, a team of Skid Kids who do everything social media-based; and have worked as a student research assistant and as a tour guide. I'm prepping my mind, soul, and heart to spend six months across the ocean in London where I'll be studying at Goldsmiths, University of London. I pride myself on having an incredibly large amount of energy and not stopping til I get enough. Ask me anything, I'll answer anything, mostly. So blessed. Peace, love, squirrels. Mwa! SPOILER ALERT: I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THE FAT LIL NUGGET IN THE PICTURE NEXT TO MY NAME ANYMORE. I GAINED MANY POUNDS DURING MY FIRST YEAR AND SINCE THEN HAVE LOST 50+ POUNDS SO I AM SVELTE AND HEALTHY NOW. BLESSED.
Admissions_Ariana -> Everyone Hi, I'm Ariana! I'm an assistant director of admissions here at Skidmore. I grew up in Saratoga Springs and my father teaches in the government department at Skidmore, so feel free to ask me any questions about life in Saratoga in addition to questions about applying to Skidmore.
Student_Noam -> Everyone Hi all! My name is Noam, I'm a junior from Roslyn, NY studying Public Health Policy (self-determined major) and Government. Since my first year, I have served on the Student Government Association as the Vice President of the class and Elections Coordinator, so if you have any questions about clubs or student leadership, send them my way! I'm also an active leader on Hillel and J Street U chapters on campus, and work as an admissions tour guide. Next semester, I will be studying and researching public health issues in India, Argentina, and South Africa.
Admissions_Jane -> Everyone Hi! My name is Jane and I am an Admissions counselor at Skidmore. In addition to the regular Admissions responsibilities, I am in charge of Admissions' events on campus, such as Open Houses and Accepted Candidates Days. I am also the Admissions liaison with the Science and Math Departments and involved with the Porter Scholarship selection committee. I travel for Skidmore in the New England area.
Student_Sam -> Everyone Hi everyone! My name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam. I am a junior here at Skidmore and hail from Los Angeles, California. I have declared myself as a Classics major and Education minor; when applying to Skidmore, I applied Early Decision 1, which I highly recommend doing if Skidmore is your absolute top choice. I was on the women's tennis team my freshman and sophomore year.
GabbyPonzini -> Admissions_Jane Since December 15th falls on a Sunday this year, will ED admission decisions be sent out and received prior to or after the 15th of December?
Admissions_Jane -> GabbyPonzini I believe the ED decisions will be sent on the previous Friday.
ElizabethLeary -> Student_Kevin What kind of dance clubs are available at Skidmore ?
Student_Kevin -> ElizabethLeary Hey hey Liz, there are plenty of dance club options on campus! The Breakbeats, an all-inclusive hip-hop group, Terpsichore, a choreo based club, an Irish Step Dance club, Stompin Soles, a tap dance group, Rithmos, another hip hip group, Ujima step team, and plenty of others. Hope this helps!
BMeneses -> Admissions_Jane Do we need a portfolio for Art?
Admissions_Jane -> BMeneses I is not necessary to submit a portfolio for Art. Everyone is admitted to Skidmore as a liberal arts student If you wish to submit a portfolio with your application, you can do so using Slide Room. The Art Department will review your portfolio and send Admissions an evaluation.
Ann -> Student_Noam What is Freshman orientation like? Are pre-orientation trips allowed?
Student_Noam -> Ann Hi Ann! I went on SCOOP, which is one of many pre-o' trips offered to first-years. There are a variety of outdoor adventures (hiking, rafting) as well as on-campus programs (working with the Saratogian, art-related). Orientation is 3 days long, and students get to meet other Skid kids in their seminar, are introduced to the campus and Saratoga Springs, and tons of other fun events!
BMeneses -> Admissions_Ariana what are the requirements to be accepted at Skidmore?
Admissions_Ariana -> BMeneses Hi BMeneses! We look for several things in a successful applicant to Skidmore. Most importantly, we consider the strength of your academic record. We look for students who have taken four years of all of the core subjects, and have challenged themselves in the areas where they excel.
JuliaCline -> Student_Sam What does a typical school day look like for a Skidmore student?
Student_Sam -> JuliaCline Evening Julia! First, you personally choose your schedule before the semester starts. An average student takes about 15 credits, meaning about 15 hours of class each week. Simply put, the average student will have somewhere between 2 and 3 classes each day, perhaps 4 at most.
HaleyDutch -> Admissions_Ariana I have just applied Regular Decision to Skidmore. So excited! Do you know the earliest I could hear back? Do you let strong applicants know early (a likely letter)?
Admissions_Ariana -> HaleyDutch Hi Haley! I'm glad you're so excited about Skidmore! Regular decision applicants will hear back at the end of March. We do not send out likely letters.
mmcdermott -> Student_Kevin How active is/are the LGBTQ club(s) on campus?
Student_Kevin -> mmcdermott Hey McD, I'm not an active member of the Skidmore Pride Alliance, but I am one of the gayest people to ever walk the Earth, so I can talk about that, in response to your question. Pride Alliance is a wonderful club that sponsors many events over the course of the school year, including Spectrum, which is a national holiday, basically. Spectrum is the Pride Alliance dance in the fall semester, and it's SUCH A BLAST. It's great. Beyond the Pride Alliance, the campus is super open to all sexual identities and all that jazz. Hope this helps. Mwa!
Vanessag -> Student_Noam Because Skidmore is in Upstate New York, are there any forms of getting to the school by shuttles of some sort?
Student_Noam -> Vanessag We have the CDTA bus that allows students to travel to downtown Saratoga and the nearby mall. Are you asking about long-distance travel?
destinyp -> Admissions_Jane Hi my name is Destiny Pimentel and I was wondering what kind of student are you looking for regards to gpa and test scores
Admissions_Jane -> destinyp Hi Destiny! Thank you for your question. When we evaluate an application, we are looking for a challenging high school program, and strong grades. There is not a specific GPA we require, since all the high schools are different; some are more rigorous than others, and some programs are stronger than others. We do require standardized testing, but the scores are not the most important factor in our decision making. That being said, our average score on the first two parts of the SAT was 1410 last year, and the SAT was a 30.
Nell -> Student_Kevin Kevin-- if you could describe the Skidmore theatre program in one sentence, what would you say?
Student_Kevin -> Nell Hey Hey Nell, If I could describe the Skidmore theater department on one sentence, it would be BAMF: bump apple motor fancy. Just kidding: It would be Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Seriously, we're a family in the theater department. I love it. One thing that some people don't catch the first time around is that we don't usually do musicals. Last semester, we put up a production of Sweeney Todd, which was the first musical the department put up in 19 years. I was lucky enough to be involved, playing Beadle Bamford. Livin life, lovin livin. Mwa! If you need any more clarification, ask away, friend.
EvanNeal -> Student_Noam Just from what I've heard about the school from others, it seems to be an extremely liberal campus. Is this true, and how does it affect the feeling/dynamics on campus? Is there still a dialogue between competing viewpoints or is it a homogenous environment?
Student_Noam -> EvanNeal Yo E-dawg. Skidmore really is a very diverse community, and you'll find that conversations about political issues are always productive and educational. We have clubs that represent this wide spectrum and I always feel comfortable discussing intense issues (currently, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) with other students.
Talia -> Admissions_Jane There aren't any art scholarships are there?
Admissions_Jane -> Talia Hi Talia!
No, we do not have a scholarship for art. Our financial aid is based on demonstrated need, except for our Porter Scholarship for excellence in Science and Math, and our Filene Scholarship for excellence in music. Information about those can be found on the Skidmore website. Our Financial Aid Office is happy to speak with families, if they have specific questions about their situations.
sk -> Student_Sam For the students, what was it about Skidmore that made you want to apply/come to Skidmore over the other schools you considered/applied to?
Student_Sam -> sk For me, I really wanted to experience seasons, as well as take classes with a small teacher to student ratio. In addition, Skidmore's location is prime in my opinion. The town of Saratoga Springs has a small town feel, which I wanted to experience, but it has all the benefits of a city. Best part is the amazing restaurants! Lastly, I had no idea what I wanted to study, so I knew that choosing a liberal arts school would be beneficial, allowing me to take many different courses in multiple subject areas.
NirvanMahat -> Student_Kevin To what degree can a student in Skidmore be involved in music activities regardless of their major/minor?
Student_Kevin -> NirvanMahat Hey NirvanMahat, you can be involved in music activities to whatever degree you choose, whether being a full music major or just a bio major who likes playing the guitar and hanging out with a few friends on a bench outside your dorm. There's tons of opportunities!
JulieLouiseZeitoun -> Admissions_Ariana From Jericho HS Long Island, NY Good evening, I visited your college this summer and fell in love with it. I plan to apply. I really like the engineering program but also I went to an art school for years after school. I have a portfolio in visual arts and want to pursue this. Is it possible to do both at the same time? I heard science classes required for engineering are really time consuming but to combine arts and engineering is new approach (See the new MIT center for Arts and Engineering) Also If I want to follow the Engineering path, I know you have the 3-2 program. What about a 4-2? - meaning a BA/BS in science and 2 years for an ME? What do you advice? and if yes to the ME, do you help your students to enter top schools? Thank you, Julie Louise Ps: I love ballroom dancing. Do you have a club?
Admissions_Ariana -> JulieLouiseZeitoun Hi Julie! I think I met with you last week at Jericho HS. Nice to see you've tuned into our live chat! It is definitely possible to continue studying art while completing the 3/2 engineering program at Skidmore. While the preliminary math and physics classes for engineering are demanding, you will still have room in your schedule for elective classes. We encourage students to pursue multiple interests! We do not offer a 4/2 program, but our 3/2 engineering programs are available at Dartmouth, Clarkson, and RPI.
Hanna -> Student_Kevin If you could describe a Skidmore student in one word, what would it be?
Student_Kevin -> Hanna Hi Hanna - Passionate. Creative. That's two. 2 words. Sorry.
Hanna -> Admissions_Ariana How are the classes sizes at Skidmore?
Admissions_Ariana -> Hanna Hi Hanna! Our average class size is 17 students, and our student to professor ratio is 9:1. Thanks for your question!
Rebecca_Walker -> Admissions_Jane Will we receive confirmation that Skidmore has all of the necessary materials for our application?
Admissions_Jane -> Rebecca_Walker Hi Rebecca! Usually, students are notified if their applications are incomplete; if you don't hear from Skidmore, that means that nothing is lacking.
Hanna -> Student_Kevin How are the classes sizes at Skidmore?
Student_Kevin -> Hanna Hey Hanna - my biggest class this semester is 9 kids. But the average size is 17. Mwa!
Hanna -> Student_Sam If you could describe a Skidmore student in one word, what would it be?
Student_Sam -> Hanna Outgoing!
mmcdermott -> Student_Kevin Is it common (or even possible) to have either a double major with a minor, or a major with a double minor?
Student_Kevin -> mmcdermott Hey McD, Yes. It is. I'm balancing a theater and gender studies double major, and loving every second of it. It's really exciting to bring my theatre thoughts into my gender studies classes and vice versa. Many of my theater friends are also double majors, or major-double minors. Hope this help! Mwa!
CassiePanna -> Student_Sam Was there a time that any of you guys knew for sure that Skidmore was for you?
Student_Sam -> CassiePanna When I came to visit the school my second time, I knew this was the right place for me. I got a better feel for the TYPE of students that Skidmore has: outgoing, genuinely nice, caring, not competitive.
DavidVillalobos -> Student_Noam How is the social life at Skidmore? How are the classes? How is the Skidmore soccer team? What is Skidmore surrounded by, like are there restaurants or stores near by?
Student_Noam -> DavidVillalobos You ask a lot of questions, David. You're inquisitive, that's good. Let's tackle these one-by-one.
1) Social life at Skidmore is great, and it's important to note that we don't have Greek Life. The clubs and student groups make up for the social life, and when you live on campus you realize that picking which events to participate in over the weekends will be tougher than picking classes!
2)The mens soccer team is heading to the Liberty League semifinals this week, hopefully they'll keep going!
3) Saratoga Springs is a vibrant community, and all along Broadway there are cute shops, wonderful restaurants, classy bars (for those of you are 21), and a new movie theater (with 3D!). If you need any major chain store, you'll find it at Wilton Mall, 10 minutes away from campus.
Whew, that was a doozy.
Anh_Nguyen -> Admissions_Ariana Usually when will the decision for spring transfer be released?
Admissions_Ariana -> Anh_Nguyen Hi Anh! Thanks for your question. We release transfer admissions decisions on a rolling basis, so the sooner you submit your application, the sooner you'll find out! The deadline for spring transfer is November 15, and we will begin sending out decisions after that date.
Sarah.Curtis -> Student_Kevin Hi! My name is Sarah and in reference to theater do you think Skidmore will have more musicals?
Student_Kevin -> Sarah.Curtis Hey Sarah - Unfortunately, no. The program is not musical-based. However, a lot of our productions have music integrated! Sweeney Todd last semester was a special thing where all of the right pieces fell into all the right places at all the right times. There are also opportunities to perform in musicals through Cabaret Troupe and AIDSBenefit. Stay blessed! Mwa!
sk -> Student_Noam Are freshman allowed to have cars on campus?
Student_Noam -> sk Yes they are! But remember, Skidmore is a "walking campus" so there are specific parking rules.
Rachael_C -> Student_Kevin Are the classes mostly lecture based or discussion based?
Student_Kevin -> Rachael_C Hey Rach, It's a good mix. Which is nice. And the classes that are lecture based, the professors tend to ask questions of the students, and get their minds going like that. Does that make sense? Mwa!
Maxwell -> Student_Noam I'm an international student from Ghana applying early to Skidmore. I am really interested in Music at Skidmore as well. I've heard a lot about the Zankel Music Centre and would love to know more about it and the myriad of opportunities made available to students
Student_Noam -> Maxwell hey maxwell: the music department is awesome and Zankel is definitely a great resource. we get a lot of qrtists from around the world coming out here to perform in our BEAUTIFUL hall and also give private and master classes to the skid musicians. We have an amazing recording studio that students can reserve and use. we really like to use all of our technical resources like livestreaming almost every performance. All students will get a chance to perform in the hall... PLUS most concerts are free to all students!!!
sk -> Student_Sam Can anyone talk a little bit about the equestrian program? Is it tryout based? Can anyone be on the team? Are the members of the team of varying levels of expertise?
Student_Sam -> sk Evening sk! For the equestrian team, it is pretty selective. There are tryouts, and not everyone makes the team. The team itself consists of students competing in specific events, some more than one. We have one of the top equestrian teams in the nation though, and were the national champions for more than 20 consecutive years at one point.
shedeene -> Admissions_Ariana I am extremely fearful to apply to skidmore because of my SAT scores but I have a lot of extra curricular activities. Would my extracurricular activities help balance out my application a bit?
Admissions_Ariana -> shedeene Hi shedeene! Your SAT scores are just one part of what we look at when considering your application, and they are not the most important factor. The most important part of your application is your high school transcript. Strong extracurricular activities will also be taken into consideration!
Vanessag -> Student_Noam How would you describe the Skidmore community?
Student_Noam -> Vanessag Two words: HAPPY SQUIRRELS
Ana -> Admissions_Ariana Hi my name is Ana. I am interested in Medicine. My goal is to eventually peruse my education higher to Medical School. I would like to know if you offer support for students that would take the MCAT Exam?
Admissions_Ariana -> Ana Hi Ana! Thanks for your question. Skidmore has a Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC), which is a committee of professors who provide support for students applying to medical school or other health profession schools. HPAC helps students study for the MCAT and advises them on all aspects of applying to medical school. Our students' acceptance rate to medical school is 73%, which is much higher than the national average!
Knerod -> Admissions_Jane Hi!! I applied to your school early decision a couple of weeks ago, how do I know if you received everything?
Admissions_Jane -> Knerod Hi Knerod! Great that you chose to apply Early Decision to Skidmore. Admissions will notify you if anything is missing in your application.
Geoffrey -> Student_Sam Since beginning my college search, I have decided that continuing athletics is something that I am interest in doing. I currently run cross-country and track and want to continue running. I know that Skidmore has neither a track or cross-country team, and I really like the school environment, but would there be a way for me to continue my athletic pursuits?
Student_Sam -> Geoffrey There is absolutely the chance for you to continue your athletics here. Yes, we don't have track, but we do have a running club, as well as a track that you can still utilize. In addition to the 19 varsity teams we have, we have multiple intramural teams as well. More than 50% of our student body participates in either an intramural, club, or varsity sport here on campus. We are health conscious!
Vanessag -> Student_Noam Thanks Noam! I am actually from Boston,so I am looking for the easist possible way to get to Skidmore
Student_Noam -> Vanessag GOT IT. So there are amtrak trains and buses that make it to both Saratoga Springs and Albany, and there is also an international airport in Albany!
Vanessag -> Student_Kevin How are the student-teacher relationships at Skidmore? Are teachers accessible?
Student_Kevin -> Vanessag Hey Vanessa - Yes. I have most of my professors' home or cell phone numbers in my phone. I actually Snapchat one of them, surprisingly enough. She sends the funniest snaps, I cry laughing sometimes when I think of them. But,seriously, one of my professors got me my internship with the theater company that I've been working with for the past two years. Another professor also had me and another student over to her house for hors d'oeuvres before the three of us and her partner went out to dinner. Mwa.
Sarah.Curtis -> Student_Kevin Thanks Kevin! Are Cabaret Troupe and AIDSBenefit done every year?
Student_Kevin -> Sarah.Curtis Hey Sarah! Yes! They are! What the shows are depends on the semester and who proposes what. Mwa!
Goldye -> Admissions_Jane What is your most recent acceptance rate?
Admissions_Jane -> Goldye Hi Goldye! Our most recent acceptance rate was 30 %.
Hanna -> Student_Noam If you could describe a Skidmore student in one word, what would it be?
Student_Noam -> Hanna Engaged (BOOM).
Goldye -> Student_Sam If you could rate the food from 1-10 compared to most colleges what would you rate it?
Student_Sam -> Goldye An absolute 10! We have a nationally ranked dining hall here on campus with amazing hours! Monday through Thursday, the dhall (as it is known to students) is open from 7:00am to 11:00 pm, with just the hour of 4:00 to 5:00 being closed so they can switch everything around for dinner.
CK -> Student_Noam As a freshman, is it difficult to register for more popular classes?
Student_Noam -> CK Registering for classes can sometimes be tricky for freshmen, but talking to professors can help you secure a seat in the class. And don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to take classes that you might not be able to get into within your first year.
Hanna -> Admissions_Jane If you could describe a Skidmore student in one word, what would it be?
Admissions_Jane -> Hanna Hi Hanna! If there is one word to describe a typical Skidmore student, it would be "open-minded"; open minded in many ways, but truly excited about learning new things.
GabbyPonzini -> Admissions_Ariana Will a rigorous outside activity schedule be taken into consideration if classes are all College Prep but not AP?
Admissions_Ariana -> GabbyPonzini Hi Gabby! We take a holistic approach to admissions, so all aspects of your application will be taken into account when we make our decision. Strong extracurricular activities will of course help your application, and we look at the rigor of your courses in the context of what your school offers.
katz -> Student_Sam Are there still opportunities to horseback ride even if you're not on the team?
Student_Sam -> katz You can absolutely still horseback ride even if you're not on the team! We even offer private lessons!
Goldye -> Student_Noam If you could rate the food from 1-10 compared to most colleges what would you rate it?
Student_Noam -> Goldye 2,475,493.
(I love the D-Hall)
Genevieve -> Student_Kevin One thing that really excites me about college is the huge variety of interesting classes available. What's the most interesting class you've taken so far?
Student_Kevin -> Genevieve Hey Genevieve - I've taken classes on the History of Stand-Up Comedy in America, East European Post-Modernist Avant Garde Drama, and a class on vaginal birth ands the masculinization of obstetrics. Which is fascinating! We watch a different type of birth every class!
maryann -> Admissions_Ariana Do you sent out admisssions decisions via email or snail mail?
Admissions_Ariana -> maryann Hi MaryAnn! We send out decision letters via both email and regular mail. Thanks for your question!
sk -> Student_Kevin For the students, what was it about Skidmore that made you want to apply/come to Skidmore over the other schools you considered/applied to?
Student_Kevin -> sk Sk, sk, sk, sk: The location, the programs, the class size, the professors, the people - all of it influenced my decision to enroll at Skidmore. Mwa!
Anh_Nguyen -> Student_Noam How is the life of international students at Skidmore? Are there many activities or annual events for international students?
Student_Noam -> Anh_Nguyen Hi there! (Where are you from?) I am originally from Israel so I am pretty familiar with the international student community. It is one of the strongest populations on campus, and international students are always amongst the first to be involved in student and academic programs. There are constantly events celebrating holidays and cultures from around the world, and the international meals are always delicious!
nicamd1 -> Student_Kevin I love singing, and I really want to join an acapella group, but I have stage fright. Are there any acapella groups, or just clubs in general, where I could sing for fun and come out of my shell without having to audition?
Student_Kevin -> nicamd1 Hey nicamd1 - I was in one of the a cappella groups my first year, but I had to withdraw because I was so busy with all of my theater stuff. Of the 6 a cappella groups on campus, 5 are very competitively audition-based, and one, the Treblemakers accept everyone and just have a good time singing together! Hope this helps! Mwa!
Sam -> Admissions_Ariana Do you know if college credits are accepted?
Admissions_Ariana -> Sam Hi Sam! We do accept college credits. To receive credit, you have to submit a request to the registrar's office with a description of the course.
Sam -> Student_Kevin Hey guys! For someone who is interested in Theatre, is there a chance to explore some behind-the scenes stuff like props, casting, writing, etc.?
Student_Kevin -> Sam Hey Sam! Yes! We have a whole series of classes for you! Not casting, necessarily, but props and all that jazz is based in a class called Theater Company every Friday and we make the theater company run! That sounds super vague, but it's all there for you! We're not just an actor-training program. We're a theater artist training program, which is super duper exciting.
Jacob -> Student_Noam What are the sciences like at Skidmore and how involved are the science departments on campus?
Student_Noam -> Jacob Hi Jacob, I have a lot of friends involved with the sciences and have heard wonderful things about the program. The departments excel in both welcoming "non-science" students and dedicated majors/minors. Also, after a year at Skidmore, students are able to participate in annual and summer research, an opportunity which is usually reserved for graduate students.
Anh_Nguyen -> Student_Sam I'm applying to transfer to Skidmore next spring semester. I want to ask if there is any difference between fall and spring transfer? Will sping transfer students face any disadvantage compared to those transfer for fall?
Student_Sam -> Anh_Nguyen Personally, I don't feel there is a difference between the fall and spring semester. Every semester, transfer students get to campus a little bit before the semester starts so they can familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. In addition to the transfer students, during the spring the freshman students who have participated in the London First Year Experience program (about 40 students) arrive on campus for the first time as well. Rather than feeling left out, I find that both transfer and the new first year students are welcomed very excitedly by the students already on campus! We all want to meet the new people around our campus!
Genevieve -> Student_Noam One thing that really excites me about college is the huge variety of interesting classes available. What's the most interesting class you've taken so far?
Student_Noam -> Genevieve British Rock of the 1960s (took the class on a dare, now I tutor for it)
Nell -> Student_Kevin If you're interested in theatre, but do not want to major (or even minor) in it, are there still opportunities to be part of school productions?
Student_Kevin -> Nell Hey Nell - Yes! It seems like I'm saying yes to everything! But it's all so real! One of my friends is a bio major who just loves to act, and has been cast every semester! One of the kids I worked with on Polaroid Stories, this semester's black box production, on which I worked as the assistant director, one of the actors in that recently declared his government and physics double major. He's a smart kid. Mwa!
Jacob -> Student_Noam Is there a ski/snowboard club at Skidmore?
Student_Noam -> Jacob Yep! There are both clubs and teams! When it snows (emphasis on the word "when"), they are out and about almost every weekend! We've got a handful of mountains less than an hour away.
Ana -> Admissions_Ariana I would like know how different skidmore is from when I visited the campus last March? Where there any changes in the admission requirements or in the campus ?
Admissions_Ariana -> Ana Hi Ana! Since March, we've had a few exciting changes here at Skidmore! Our new upperclassman apartment complex, Sussman Village, opened for fall semester. The apartments are stunning! We also have a new Skidmore EMS program on campus. Our admissions requirements have not changed. :)
Kimolisa -> Admissions_Ariana How can i apply
Admissions_Ariana -> Kimolisa Hi Kimolisa! Thanks for your question! You can apply to Skidmore at the following link:
Jeff -> Admissions_Jane How does one apply for a Porter science scholarship? My son intends to apply regular decision to the science program. Are there any specific requirements, and how many scholarships are awarded?
Admissions_Jane -> Jeff Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your question regarding the Porter Scholarship. When a student applies to Skidmore, the student applies as a liberal arts student and not to a specific program. If your son is interested in being a science major, he can start taking science courses freshman year. Students can declare a major after three semesters.
Information about applying for the Porter Scholarship can be found on the Skidmore member page of the Common Application. The Porter Committee is looking for students with a passion for science, rigorous classes and high grades in science and math. We have between five to seven Porter Scholars each year.
andie -> Student_Kevin Please describe your study abroad program
Student_Kevin -> andie Hey Andie - I'm going to be studying abroad in London for six months. One class a day, four days a week, for the first half of my time abroad, then a month off to travel, and then two classes that meet once a week each for the second half of the semester. I'm very excited. I'll be taking 4 classes: Body Gender Representation, American and British Musical Theatre, Acting in London, and London Theater. Mwa!
Goldye -> Student_Kevin If you could rate the food from 1-10 compared to most colleges what would you rate it?
Student_Kevin -> Goldye Hey Goldye - 525,600 pierogies. I REALLY LOVE D-HALL. Soe does Noam, and she loves it more. She's so passionate, isn't she?
Jaz -> Student_Kevin What is the type of environment at Skidmore? (mostly competitive, supportive, collaborative, etc.)
Student_Kevin -> Jaz Hey Jaz! The academic environment is definitely collaborative and supportive. Definitely not competitive. We all want each other to succeed and be the best that we can be!
DeborahKim -> Student_Noam Hi! My name is Deborah and when I fell in love with Skidmore the moment I stepped on campus!I am interested in the sciences, particularly chemistry. How strong, would you say, is the support for the sciences at Skidmore? Does Skidmore receive enough funding for lab equipment? And how big are the introductory science classes (intro to chem, intro to bio, etc.)?
Student_Noam -> DeborahKim Hi DeborahKim, glad to hear that you are so interested in Skidmore's sciences. As we speak, the administration is gathering funds in order to rebuild the Dana Science Center, which will include state-of-the-art facilities, new labs, and will host 9 departments. As I said earlier, the research opportunities available to students are highly acclaimed and contested!
DeborahKim -> Admissions_Ariana Do you recommend interviews? If so, what are some tips?
Admissions_Ariana -> DeborahKim Hi Deborah! We do recommend interviews, although they're not required. Interviews give us a chance to get to know you better and learn things about you that might not come across on your application. They also give you the chance to show us that you're interested in Skidmore! My biggest tip would be that you shouldn't be nervous! We're not trying to trip you up in the interview and we don't bite! :)
Mimmzy -> Student_Kevin Is there auditions for the dance program at skidmore?
Student_Kevin -> Mimmzy Hey Mimzeeeeeeeeeeee- There is no audition into the dance department here, but all of the dance workshops (not classes, mind you) - the workshops do have auditions, to be in the various pieces. Mwa!
Ana -> Student_Noam Are there any religious affiliated groups or clubs at Skidmore??
Student_Noam -> Ana Sure! Hillel (Jewish), Hayat (Muslim), Christian Fellowship, Newman's Club are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. We've got tons of racial and cultural clubs, as well!
stevenc -> Student_Noam whats the most anticipated event on campus
Student_Noam -> stevenc FUN. DAY.
Jingyi -> Admissions_Jane Hello! I saw it on Common App that Skidmore offers an option for art supplement, how is this supplement going to be viewed if I'm not applying for an art major?
Admissions_Jane -> Jingyi Hi Jingyi! You are welcome to send an art supplement with your application through a program called Slide Room. Faculty from our Art Department review your supplement and send an evaluation to the Admissions Department. Students do not apply to Skidmore as any particular major. Everyone is admitted as a liberal arts student, and can choose any major once they come to Skidmore.
CassiePanna -> Student_Sam Would a bike be beneficial to me on campus? Or would I just be better off walking? I'm pretty sure my heart is set on Skidmore, and I definitely plan on applying Early Decision. Does that increase my odds of getting in? Or does is just bind me to Skidmore if I get in?
Student_Sam -> CassiePanna First, the farthest place I ever have to walk on campus is to the athletic center or the admissions office, which is actually across the street from the main campus. Both only take me 10-15 minutes walking, but I have friends whom it takes less than 10 minutes for. Furthermore, downtown Saratoga Springs (the heart of the town) is just a 15-20 minute walk from campus. Next, I definitely encourage you to apply to Skidmore Early Decision if it is your top choice. However, if accepted through early decision, the acceptance is binding through the early decision agreement (that you will have sent with your application) to attend the college, and must pull any other applications you have sent to other schools. Just so you know, approximately 40% of each enrolled class is accepted through early decision and obviously, the pool of applicants through early decision is much smaller.
Jingyi -> Student_Kevin Hi! Since I haven't visited Skidmore yet, I'm just wondering, what does a typical freshman dorm room look like?
Student_Kevin -> Jingyi Hey Jingyi - The typical dorm room is comfortable, which is good. At a few of the schools I visited when I was applying to colleges, I was surprised to find that the dorms were just piles of shoeboxes that we were expected to sleep in, one person per box. Just kidding. They were fine. But the dorms at Skidmore are lovely! Whether you're in a double or a triple your first year, you're going to be comfortable and have your own space to breathe and smile and watch Netflix without disturbing your roomie. It's great. You'll have a bed, a closet, a wardrobe and a desk. Just don't eat stinky food in the room because no one likes that. Mwa!
Ann -> Student_Noam Is there a big population of outdoorsy people on campus? Is there an outdoor club?
Student_Noam -> Ann YEAH, outing club! Any weekend, they go hiking, rock-climbing, log-rolling, tent-pitching, and any other wild idea you come up with. They are one of the largest groups on campus!
Vanessag -> Student_Kevin How would you describe the Skidmore community?
Student_Kevin -> Vanessag Hey Nessa Gee - The Skidmore community is happy, passionate, creative, intelligent and thoughtful, artistic and scientific, loud and quiet, fearlessly uniquely ourselves.
Jamie -> Student_Sam I am from California where there is practically no weather. How would you describe the seasons at Skidmore and is it easy to adjust?
Student_Sam -> Jamie Being from Cali, I understand your concern. I actually love the seasons here, my favorite of which is fall. The leaves changing colors is gorgeous. Personally, I find that we have more rain than snow, and that the winters are cold, but we don't have a lot of snow. Generally, the area gets the most snow when us students are not around, during Thanksgiving and Winter Break. I've had no trouble adjusting! Just know how to layer!
JillMediatore -> Student_Noam Is Skidmore Eco-friendly? How is the campus being sustainable?
Student_Noam -> JillMediatore Hey J-Medz, Skidmore has a few channels through which it promotes sustainable behavior and policies. SuCo (Sustainability Committee) on SGA and the Office of Sustainability put on events, raise the awareness about certain issues, and encourage the school to take on sustainable policies. Last semester, the Environmental Action Club got a petition signed urging the administration to divest from fossil fuels. We have neat water bottle filling stations, recycle anything that doesn't move, and most of our buildings are geo-thermally heated. Also, we have a bike share program!
Maxwell -> Admissions_Ariana Are interviews conducted via the internet?
Admissions_Ariana -> Maxwell Hi Maxwell and Jacob! Thanks for your questions. Interviews are conducted in person, both on and off campus. If you can make it to campus, you will do your interview with an admissions counselor. If you can't come to campus, we can match you with a Skidmore alumnus in your area who will conduct the interview.
andie -> Student_Noam Is housing guaranteed?
Student_Noam -> andie Andie! Housing is guaranteed for all four years!
stevenc -> Student_Sam what sports teams do you have and what division are you ?
Student_Sam -> stevenc We are division 3 in all of our varsity sports here at Skidmore, with the exception of our equestrian team which isn't split into divisions. In total, we have 19 varsity sports, such as men and women's: soccer, basketball, crew, swimming, tennis. We also have a men's baseball team, a softball team, a women's field hockey team and a men's ice hockey team. For more on Skidmore's athletics, you can visit the website
Kimolisa -> Admissions_Ariana When would I know if am accepted in the college?
Admissions_Ariana -> Kimolisa Hi Kimolisa! If you apply Round 1 Early Decision, you will receive your admissions decision in mid-December. If you apply Round 2 Early Decision, you will be notified in mid-February. If you apply Regular Decision, you will be notified at the end of March.
Jacob -> Student_Noam If I wanted to do independent research, how hard would it be to balance that out with my academics?
Student_Noam -> Jacob Independent research is slightly tougher than a normal course, but only because it takes a lot of determination from the student. If you pick a professor with whom you have a good report and follow the guidelines you set for yourself, independent research courses are totally manageable and can be very fulfilling!
Vanessag -> Student_Sam How would you describe the Skidmore community?
Student_Sam -> Vanessag I would describe the community as friendly, non-competitive, outgoing, and very supportive.
DeborahKim -> Admissions_Ariana Does the HPAC program assist students who are interested in applying to Veterinary School as well?
Admissions_Ariana -> DeborahKim Hi Deborah! Yes, it does! Our students' acceptance rate to other health schools (excluding medical school) is about 80%.
Hanna -> Admissions_Jane How is the math department at Skidmore?
Admissions_Jane -> Hanna Hi Hanna! Thank you for your question. The Math/ Computer Science Department and faculty at Skidmore are excellent. Our graduates have gone on to excellent graduate programs and have been hired by prestigious companies in the US and abroad. Please check out the information about the math/computer science program on our website (; feel free to contact the Chair of the Department with specific questions you may have.
Anh_Nguyen -> Student_Noam Hey Noam, I'm from Vietnam, and I'm applying to transfer to Skidmore next spring. Thank you so much for your answer, I now feel more confident with my decision to apply to Skidmore. One more question about student activities, I really love music but have no professional experience or training with it. Is it possible for me to join musical clubs on campus?
Student_Noam -> Anh_Nguyen There are tons of instrument ensembles and we even have a "found-percussion" group, like STOMP! Greetings to Vietnam!
Admissions_Ariana -> stevenc Hi Steven! You can call the admissions office at 1-800-867-6007 to schedule an interview. For specific information about our office hours and interview schedule, please visit .
Jingyi -> Student_Noam How easy is it to find off-campus apartments after the first two years?
Student_Noam -> Jingyi Not too hard, but you need to start the process early (February) and make sure that living off-campus will work with your schedule. Most students who live off-campus have cars, although a majority of the houses are walking distance to Skidmore.
PeriNaomi -> Student_Kevin This is for Kevin. Would you be able to talk about the theater program a little bit? How easy is it to pursue different directions like directing and acting and trying everything? Are there a lot of opportunities to be in shows? And just how are you liking the program in general? Thanks!
Student_Kevin -> PeriNaomi Hey PeriNaomi! When I first read your name, I for some reason thought of Queen Amidala from Star Wars, so I thought of Natalie Portman, so I thought of Black Swan, so I thought of "He Picked Me, Mommy, I'm the Swan Queen," so I'll call you the Swan Queen. So:

Hey Swan Queen! It's so easy to try all sorts of different types of paths to take in the theater! If you want to act one semester and take a class in directing the next semester, and really intensely study physical comedy semester the next, and then write a play the next semester, you can do it all! As for productions, every semester, somewhere between 20 and 30 students are cast in our two seminar productions, one on the mainstage and one in out blackbox. Then there are 3-5 student directed workshops every semester and other students are cast. At the top of every semester, there are general auditions where you give a monologue and small song snippet for all of the directors - seminar and workshop alike. Then, the seminar shows are cast. And from the remainder of those who were not cast in the seminar shows, the workshops are cast. And if I didn't love the program or feel like it was giving me everything it could, I certainly wouldn't be here. I love the program. One of my professors said to me the other day, "Kevin, cookie, if you ever need anything while you're in London, and you can't reach your parents for whatever reason, call me right away, and I'll make sure we get you whatever you need." I love it.
Urgyen -> Student_Noam Hi, is it possible to major in political science and minor in business?
Student_Noam -> Urgyen Hi Urgyen, we don't have political science, but International Affairs or Government would fall into that category! That sounds like a great major-minor combo to me!
Hanna -> Student_Sam What is something you think Skidmore could improve on?
Student_Sam -> Hanna I would say that Skidmore could improve on overnight parking. While all students are allowed to have cars on campus no matter what year you are and there is plenty of parking spaces on campus in general, they close certain lots overnight to ensure that staff, employees, and professors are able to get spots in the morning near the classroom buildings. With this, some of us have â? o walk a little further to our dorms in the evenings so that we don't get a ticket for being in a nonovernight parking lot. Basically, I'm complaining about having to occasionally walk an extra 100 yards to my destination.
Rachael_C -> Student_Noam Based on the classes I have taken, I have found that I am an experiential learner and do best with hands-on learning. Would you say that the classes at Skidmore provide an interactive and hands-on experience?
Student_Noam -> Rachael_C Depends on what classes you are taking, obviously classes with lab requirements (sciences or health studies) are very-hands on and experimental (pun intended). But even in other departments, classes aren't always lecture-based, but rather incorporate in-depth debates and discussions, as well as group research and presentations.
Hanna -> Student_Kevin What is something you think Skidmore could improve on?
Student_Kevin -> Hanna Hey Hanna - If there's anything Skidmore needs to improve on it's overnight parking. WHOAH. WHICH I SEE SAM HAS JUST WRITTEN ABOUT. Whoa.
Talia -> Student_Noam is it more likely to be put in a triple or a double room your freshmen year?
Student_Noam -> Talia Hey Talia, it depends on how many students are admitted each year, but I was placed in a triple. I would, however, note that roommates move around a lot and there is always the possibility that you will be de-tripled (I was by October!).
Genevieve -> Student_Sam I know this may be a tough question, but what made you (the Skidmore students here) really decide to choose Skidmore?
Student_Sam -> Genevieve Genevieve, as I mentioned earlier, Skidmore really stood out to me because of the town of Saratoga Springs, the small student to teacher ratio, and the type of students I saw walking around campus when I interacted with some of them: genuinely nice (amazing coming from LA, California), friendly, outgoing.
AbigailR -> Admissions_Jane Hi! What are the average SAT scores you guys are looking for and how important are they? It seems every place I look I find different answers.
Admissions_Jane -> AbigailR Hi Abigail R! Good question! We do require standardized testing (either SAT or ACT), but the scores are not the determining factor in admissions.
The average SAT score has been approximately 1400 for the first 2 parts, and the ACT score average is around a 30. We think that your high school program and transcript is a better predictor of success in school.
Mimmzy -> Student_Kevin In terms of performance opportunities, how often would a dance major get to perform and how big are performance spaces
Student_Kevin -> Mimmzy Hey Mimmzy - It all depends on the auditions for the dance pieces and how well you do! I wish I had a better answer for that part of the question, but performance opportunities are based on auditions. Wah. The dance theater is a standard sprung wood floor stage with a carpet apron out in front, about 3 inches below the stage deck. There are two fifty-foot square dance studios, which I actually saw for the first time last night, and they're great. I was so happy. There are tons of other performance spaces on campus too.
B -> Student_Noam How hard is it to get a Self Determined Major proposal accepted?
Student_Noam -> B Yo B. I completed that process last year, so I can tell you all about it. Like I said, I am a SDM in Public Health Policy, which doesn't exist (yet) at Skidmore, so I put together a list of classes from various departments that apply to the intended major. It takes some time, but if you start early (summer or fall of sophomore year) it isn't too bad. The best way to fulfill requirements that aren't available at Skidmore is to find a specific accredited abroad program, so keep that in mind. What are you interested in studying?
Modina -> Admissions_Ariana when is due date to fill the CS profile
Admissions_Ariana -> Modina The deadline for the CSS profile is November 15 for early decision round 1, January 15 for early decision round 2, and February 1 for regular decision. The CSS PROFILE (and any other required documentation) needs to be completed using estimated figures based on your family's prior year income in order to meet aid application deadlines.
Sarah.Curtis -> Student_Sam What do you think is one of the biggest challenges freshmen at Skidmore face?
Student_Sam -> Sarah.Curtis Sarah--- generally speaking, I find that freshman sometimes have trouble adjusting to the college workload and level of academia. At least for me, I struggled with having to ACTUALLY take time to study the material we learned each day, as in high school this was definitely not necessary.
DeborahKim -> Admissions_Jane What was the acceptance rate for Early Decision students last year?
Admissions_Jane -> DeborahKim Hi DeborahKim!

Traditionally we accept approximately 40% of the class Early Decision.
DeborahKim -> Student_Noam I am a HUGE animal lover. Does Skidmore have any clubs or organizations that pertain to animals?
Student_Noam -> DeborahKim Awwww DeborahKim that's adorable! Well, we've got a club, Animal Alliance, that works at local shelters and brings puppies on campus during stressful weeks. And you can always work at the barn!
Skidmore -> Everyone We are nearing the end of the live chat, only 20 minutes left. Please submit your final questions now. Thanks!
DeborahKim -> Student_Kevin Which housing for freshmen would you recommend? And why?
Student_Kevin -> DeborahKim Hey Debbie - There's not one freshman dorm! There are 8! and you'll be sorted into one of them, like Harry into Gryffindor and Draco into Slytherin. You won't have to put on anthropomorphized cap, though. You'll have to fill out a delicious little survey that asks how you you like to live: pop music or classical, late nights or early mornings, quiet or loud living space, all that good stuff. From there, you're roomed into a double or a triple, depending on the way the cookies crumble.
Kendra -> Student_Sam How possible is it to take the classes you want to take through out your four years at Skidmore?
Student_Sam -> Kendra I find it really easy. One benefit is having the general requirements for Skidmore College, which encompass a wide variety of departments. With these requirements though, you can take any class you want that still fulfills the requirement. For example, this semester, to fulfill my cultural diversity requirement, I am taking a class called Race and Ethnicity in Ancient Greece and Beyond, a topic that to me, sounded really interesting.
nicamd1 -> Admissions_Ariana Can you talk a little more about the FYE in London? What is it like, and how do you get chosen for it?
Admissions_Ariana -> nicamd1 Hi nicamd1! Our London FYE program is a great chance to study abroad right off the bat in college! Every year, about 35 students go to London with two Skidmore professors, each of whom teach a first-year seminar in addition to other classes that make use of the many resources London has to offer! In order to be considered for the London program, you just have to check off that you are interested on our member page on the Common Application. If you are accepted, you will receive two decision letters: one for Skidmore, and one for the London program. Then you can choose!
AbigailR -> Admissions_Jane Also, is anyone a dancer who would can tell me just how hard a double major with dance and psychology would be?
Admissions_Jane -> AbigailR Hi AbigailR! Our dance majors are encouraged to have a second major, and psychology is often chosen, perhaps with the thought of pursuing a career in dance psychology. With good time management, this can certainly be done. Please feel free to email the Dance Department or the Psychology Department for more information.
Jacob -> Student_Noam Does Skidmore have a Free-Thinkers Society? Also, whats the weirdest club at Skidmore?
Student_Noam -> Jacob I don't believe we do, but maybe you'll be the first to start one? Shameless plug: if anyone has questions about starting clubs, let me know!
Hmmmm the weirdest one? Circus club. They bend in the strangest ways.
stevenc -> Admissions_Ariana What would you say admission looks for in students ?
Admissions_Ariana -> stevenc Thanks for your question, Steven! We look first at the strength of your academic record - the quality of your high school courses, your achievement in those courses, your recommendations, and your standardized test scores. We also look for well-rounded students who will make a positive contribution to the Skidmore community!
Kimolisa -> Student_Noam when does the bachelor degree in General Education starts
Student_Noam -> Kimolisa I'm not sure if this answers your question, but you aren't required to declare your major until the second semester of sophomore year.
stevenc -> Admissions_Jane I am Very interested in Skidmore but the price is scaring me a bit, what is the average amount a student pays after finical aid?
Admissions_Jane -> stevenc Hi Stevenc! The best information about financial aid can be found by contacting the Financial Aid Office directly. They are very helpful, and can answer any questions you have, very thoroughly.
Sam -> Student_Sam Hi there! I'm super interested in Skidmore's English program, how much reading and writing is typically expected?
Student_Sam -> Sam Sam-- First, great name! Being the English department, the focus is on reading and writing. With that, the large majority of homework and study will consist of reading and writing so basically, a lot is expected.
Anh_Nguyen -> Student_Kevin Thank you all so much for spending time with us and helping us with our concerns. Have a great night!
Student_Kevin -> Anh_Nguyen You got it, bebe. Mwa!
Anh_Nguyen -> Student_Noam Thank you all so much for spending time with us and helping us with our concerns. Have a great night!
Student_Noam -> Anh_Nguyen Come visit us sometime!
Anh_Nguyen -> Student_Sam Thank you all so much for spending time with us and helping us with our concerns. Have a great night!
Student_Sam -> Anh_Nguyen No problem! It's a pleasure and I wish you the best of luck during the application process!
stevenc -> Student_Noam thanks for answering my questions (: you guys rock!
Student_Noam -> stevenc (There's a geology class called "Rocks Rock" and I have a feeling you'll find it interesting)
Mimmzy -> Panelist(s) I just want to say thank you for this chat session. It really maid me more exited about applying to Skidmore :)
AbigailR -> Admissions_Ariana I visited and loved the school! It has the programs I want and I think I could really see myself there. However, the idea of the whole ED binding thing sort of freaks me out. Any advice?
Admissions_Ariana -> AbigailR Hi Abigail! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Skidmore! We offer the option to apply early decision for students who are 100% positive that Skidmore is the right choice for them. If you are not completely sure, I would recommend that you wait and apply regular decision instead. 60% of our freshman class is made up of regular decision applicants.
stevenc -> Admissions_Jane I visited the campus and i really enjoined the tour , I heard the tour guide say Computer science is a major . Could you talk more about computer science ?
Admissions_Jane -> stevenc Hi Stevenc! I am so glad you were able to visit Skidmore and enjoyed the tour! Our Computer Science Department is excellent, with a dedicated faculty. You can find specifics about the Department on our website, but please feel free to email the Chair of the Department with any specific questions.
AbigailR -> Panelist(s) Thank you, everyone!!
stevenc -> Admissions_Ariana thanks for answering my questions (: you guys rock!
Admissions_Ariana -> stevenc Happy to help, Steven! To elaborate on your earlier question about financial aid, here are some stats from the financial aid office:

The average 2013-14 first-year financial aid package was $38,600.
The range of the packages was $2,000 to $58,000.
44% of students received need-based grants.
56% received some form of financial aid.
48% were given the opportunity to work on campus.

Hope that helps!
Mimmzy -> Student_Noam I just want to say thank you for this chat session. It really maid me more exited about applying to Skidmore :)
Student_Noam -> Mimmzy Good luck with the application process!
Ann -> Student_Sam On average about how many hours do you study outside of class?
Student_Sam -> Ann Ann--- Depending on the number of credits you are taking and the level of the class, it varies. Anywhere from 2 to 5 hours a day during the week, and then on Sundays about half the day.
stevenc -> Student_Kevin Lets say I know no one when i come to skidmore , are there any activities to introduce students before moving on campus?
Student_Kevin -> stevenc Yo Stevie - Yes, there are! You'll make friends immediately! Whether you do Pre-Orientation or just jump right in on Move-In Day and join Orientation from there, there are so many activities! Pre-Or, there are a number of options to choose from and it's a three-day program in specifically one area: theater, Japanese drumming, etc. And then you have a group of 50 kids you're friends with immediately! And then, during regular Orientation you have a chance to get to know your Scribner Seminar, and learn how the school runs with them!
stevenc -> Student_Sam thanks for answering my questions (: you guys rock!
Student_Sam -> stevenc No problem. Enjoy the rest of your senior year!
stevenc -> Student_Kevin thanks for answering my questions (: you guys rock!
Student_Kevin -> stevenc Yo Stevie C - you got it dude
Mimmzy -> Student_Kevin I just want to say thank you for this chat session. It really maid me more exited about applying to Skidmore :)
Student_Kevin -> Mimmzy Mimz - It made me really excited, too. So essited. And I just can't hide it.
GabbyPonzini -> Panelist(s) Thank you for all of your help and expertise! I am excited to be an ED applicant, and I hope to become a part of this great school!
Vanessag -> Admissions_Jane Are Skidmore students able to take classes in surrounding schools?
Admissions_Jane -> Vanessag Hi Vanessag!

Students do not usually take classes at other schools in our area, since anything they want to study can be found on our campus. We have over 64 different majors.
CassiePanna -> Student_Sam Have any of you guys heard anything interesting to share about the FYE Trip to London? I'm extremely interested and want to hear as much as I can about it.
Student_Sam -> CassiePanna Although I haven't participated in the FYE program to London for freshman, I have heard amazing things. To quote a friend who participated in the program, the city of London is your classroom! For further information, I recommend contacting the admissions office and speaking with a counselor. Perhaps, you can email Karlene Kunigel at
GabbyPonzini -> Student_Sam Thank you for all of your help and expertise! I am excited to be an ED applicant, and I hope to become a part of this great school!
Student_Sam -> GabbyPonzini No problem! Enjoy the rest of your senior year and good luck with the admissions process!
EmilyK -> Admissions_Ariana Hi, I visited the campus several weeks ago and was wondering how connected with the school is the town of saratoga springs?
Admissions_Ariana -> EmilyK Hi Emily! Having grown up in Saratoga Springs, I can tell you first-hand that the city of Saratoga Springs has a great relationship with Skidmore! Skidmore students are very involved in community service projects in Saratoga, such as Big Brother/Big Sister. There's also a lot for Skidmore students to do in town! There are great restaurants and cofee shops, yearly festivals, a beautiful park, and all kinds of performances and events! It's a great place to go to school. :)
Admissions_Ariana -> Everyone Thank you for chatting with us! Good night, everyone!
Admissions_Jane -> Everyone Thanks, everyone, for asking such great questions! I hope we have been helpful. Please check out the Skidmore website, and come visit our campus if possible. Good luck with your search!

Emma_L. -> Student_Noam Hello, I am a prospective Skidmore student for the fall of 2014. I was wondering about the level of diversity at Skidmore- specifically socioeconomic diversity. Do you think the students at Skidmore are of a variety of backgrounds?
Student_Noam -> Emma_L. Skidmore is extremely diverse, both culturally and ethnically, compared to other small, liberal arts schools. I personally feel very comfortable within the community and am always shocked to see how diverse the student body is.
Student_Noam -> Everyone Thanks for all of these great questions, guys! Good luck on the admissions process and stay in school!
Student_Sam -> Everyone Thanks everyone for participating! It was great to hear from all of you and I wish you all luck during this process and the rest of your senior year! Enjoy! and definitely don't hesitate to visit or call the admissions office if you would like more information. They can point you in the right direction to answer your questions! Have a good night!
Skidmore -> Everyone Thanks again, everyone! Feel free to contact the Admissions office at 1-800-867-6007 or